Black Lightning: First Look at Nafessa Williams as Thunder

Nafessa Williams Cress Williams and China Anne McClain in Black Lightning

The CW has released a new Black Lightning poster that reveals the costume for Thunder (Nafessa Williams), daughter of Black Lightning himself, on the TV show. Black Lightning, which for now isn't part of The CW's shared DC Comics TV universe established by Arrow (otherwise known as the Arrowverse), revolves around one Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams): a former superhero who comes out of retirement when gang violence threatens his community and daughters.

Jefferson Pierce isn't the only member of his family that has metahuman abilities in Black Lightning. Like in the Black Lightning comics, Pierce's two daughters Anissa and Jennifer have powers of their own and eventually suit up to help save their neighborhood just like their father (despite his wishes to the contrary). Now, The CW has unveiled Anissa's own superhero suit in the TV series.

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The Black Lightning Twitter account has released a new poster for the show that puts the spotlight on Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce aka. Thunder. The image (see below) offers the first look at the comic book character in her superhero costume on The CW TV series.

In the comics, Anissa has the ability to alter her mass without changing her size. By doing so, she can manipulate her density to give herself unbreakable skin, super-strength, and an unyielding physical presence. The character has also worked along side The Outsiders, a group taylor made for Black Lightning's corner of DC TV.

We don't yet know what Jennifer will look like as the hero Lightning, who can fittingly control electricity like her father, but she's a good deal younger than Anissa. We'll probably see Thunder first take to fighting crime (and butting heads with Jefferson) before Jennifer becomes Lightning later in the series. Meanwhile, it won't just be Anissa's superhero alter-ego that will come over from the comics.

Chantal Thuy was cast as Grace Choi recently, Anissa's partner and love interest in the comics. TV has had a lack of LGBTQI superheroes, but it looks like Black Lightning will be honoring its source material when it comes to Anissa and Joy. The show will also feature some key villains from the Black Lightning comics, and we recently got our first look at Tobias Whale. So far, the rogues of the show are powerless, but they will presumably have numbers (and probably some metas in their employ) to stand up against Black Lightning and Thunder.

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Black Lighting premieres Tuesday, January 16 on The CW.

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