Black Lightning Star Hints at Where Jefferson's Superpowers Come From

Black Lightning star Christine Adams hints at a connection between the deadly drug Green Light and Jefferson's powers on the TV show. Black Lightning exists in its own superhero television universe for now, but Jefferson Pierce is far from the only one with super-abilities. His daughter Anissa has already unlocked hers, and his other daughter Jennifer will soon follow suit. The series has alluded to the existence of other superheroes before too, and a special Easter Egg has even confirmed that DC Comics exist in the show's universe.

Along with these nods to a larger world of superpowers, Jefferson's ex-wife Lynn Pierce née Stewart is Black Lightning's very own Green Lantern Easter egg. In the comics, Lynn is the sister of John Stewart, one of several Green Lanterns who have watched over Earth. Fans of Justice League Unlimited will also know him as the main member of the Lantern Corps. The Green Lantern has been teased throughout The CW's superhero shows and fans have long been hoping to see some version of him in the Arrowverse. Could the character pop up on Black Lightning first?

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While speaking with Collider about Lynn Pierce's future on Black Lightning, Christine Adams confirmed that her character will soon begin investigating the mysterious drug known as Green Light proper - alluding to its connection to the Pierce family's superpowers in the process:

"Yes, so Green Light is obviously this drug that’s kinda part of the community in Freeland and has been for a long time, and in some ways related to how Jeff got his superpowers. And we don’t know how directly yet, but we’re starting to get a sense, and Lynn gets a sample of this Green Light and starts to break it down and the molecular compound of it, and starts to see similarities in what’s in it and what’s happening with Jeff. So she’s the one who starts to unlock this initial mystery, and you’ll see that Green Light goes way back, and is way more complex and intricate and devastating in a way that’s so interesting. When I read it in the script I was like oh my God, this is brilliant. And it’s still rooted in a reality, even though it’s this thing that superheroes have or maybe have ingested or imbibed in some way, it still feels like something that you’ve seen in the newspaper or that you’ve read about in the way that it comes into the community and that it dominates the community."

There's a lot to unpack here, but the most interesting bit is that Green Light has a connection to Jefferson's powers. In fact, it looks as if the drug has been around for a long time and is tied to other superpowers in the show. Black Lightning got his abilities when he was relatively young on the series, based on the conversations we've heard between Lynn and Jefferson. As such, Black Lightning could have found its own version of The Flash's Particle Accelerator explosion in terms of creating metas over the years.

It's also worth noting that Lynn's connection to Green Light and the name of the drug itself seem like further nods to Green Lantern. This could all be a coincidence or even a red herring (green herring?), but could the Guardians of Oa be tied to Jefferson? It would go against Adams' claims of a grounded story, so it may just be a further Easter egg. Regardless of if John Stewart arrives on the show, it will be interesting to see the origin of Jefferson's powers explored.

Next week's episode will see Black Lightning investigate his father's murder while both of his daughters grapple with some serious changes. As the past and present collide and new powers are explored, expect more than a few surprises in the storytelling of Black Lightning.

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Black Lightning continues Tuesday, February 13 with “Aches And Pains” on The CW.

Source: Collider

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