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While all of Marvel TV is in theory part of the same shared universe, DC has taken a different approach. Their movies exist in the growing DCEU, while their TV shows are all in a world of their own. Of course, much of their comic book real estate is held by one ever-expanding corner of TV: the Arrowverse. Beginning with Arrow, the network eventually spun out The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow before absorbing Supergirl from CBS. Meanwhile, Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti is continuing his quest to dominate TV, as it was announced he is helping to build a Black Lightning TV series last year.

Based on a retired version of the popular DC hero, the show is designed to focus on a new generation of heroes through the lens of a man who has been there before. Black Lightning landed at FOX last fall, before being turned down by the network. Surprising no one, thereafter The CW ordered Black Lightning to pilot, earlier this year. While it's unknown if it will connect with the Arrowverse, we think it should. Much like Supergirl, Black Lightning will likely keep its distance for a bit before it inevitably crosses over with the other series.

The show recently found its Black Lightning in Cress Williams, and followed up the announcement by confirming that his daughters have also been cast. In the comics, they eventually become the heroes Thunder and Lightning, but it's unknown when or if that will play out on the show. It does look like much of the series will revolve around a high school environment, however, according to a new casting call. Project Casting have a long list of roles the show is casting in Atlanta, GA, and they run the gamut. It looks as if the show is primarily focusing on teachers and students, many of which will be involved with track and field. As Jefferson Pierce, aka Black Lightning, is an Olympic decathlete in the comics, it makes sense that his daughters will be into similar pursuits.

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The rest of the call seeks various neighbors, but most surprisingly is looking for a number of police, fire fighters, and EMTs. As this is for the pilot, we can assume that something bad goes down in the first episode. It could be this event that pulls Pierce out of retirement, forcing him to once again become a superhero while raising his two kids. Unlike the other shows on The CW, which deal with a lot of young adult concerns, it's refreshing to see this take on an older superhero who's seen it all before.

The casting call also points to just how diverse the show is, representing a large swathe of America that's often disregarded in comics and genre television. Atlanta is also becoming the go-to place for superhero productions, as Marvel films a number of their movies in the city. Right now, Avengers: Infinity War is in production, with Ant-Man & the Wasp shooting there this summer. We also recently learned that the series had poached Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor Christine Adams to play Jefferson's ex-wife, so it looks like the cast for the pilot is finally filling out. We're likely to hear a lot more soon with filming underway, so stay tuned.

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Black Lightning premieres on The CW on an unspecified date.

Source: Project Casting

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