Thunder Joins Black Lightning's Fight in 'Black Jesus' Trailer

The synopsis and trailer for the next episode of The CW's Black Lightning TV show, 'Black Jesus', follows Anissa Pierce as she unknowingly follows in her father's footsteps by becoming a vigilante and cleaning up the streets of Freeland. Unbeknownst to Anissa, her father - high school principal Jefferson Pierce - is the titular superhero Black Lightning. And unbeknownst to Jefferson, his eldest daughter has developed superpowers of her own.

Anissa' powers were revealed at the very end of Black Lightning's first episode, 'The Resurrection', when Anissa broke a sink with her bare hands while having an anxiety attack. She was ready to dismiss the incident as a fluke until she threw a robber much further than she should have been able to in the episode "LaWanda: The Book of Hope". While testing the limits of her strength in a junkyard, Anissa also discovered that she is invulnerable, after shrugging off being hit by a crushed car in "LaWanda: The Book of Burial". Of course, Anissa taking after her father was teased with pictures of actress Nafeesa Williams in her Thunder costume, even before the first episode of Black Lightning aired.

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Anissa won't be donning a costume just yet, however, according to the trailer for 'Black Jesus'. The title, which has nothing to do with the Adult Swim series of the same name, is a reference to Jefferson Pierce's nickname among the people of Freeland, because "everyone thought he can walk on water." The trailer shows Anissa hiding her identity behind a hoodie, fighting a robber, and later shoving over an apparent mugger. Black Lightning is also shown here fighting men inside of a bar and electrocuting one man in a parking lot. You can watch said trailer above, then read the official synopsis for 'Black Jesus' below.

BACK IN TOWN – Black Lightning (Cress Williams) is recruited to rally against The 100 gang. Anissa (Nafessa Williams) investigates the new drug hitting the streets. Meanwhile, familiar faces begin to reappear.

Anissa's heroism is no surprise to comics fans. First introduced in 2003's Outsiders #1, Anissa Pierce joined the titular team of young superheroes with the code name Thunder. Possessing the power to alter her body's density, effectively giving her super-strength and enhanced-durability, Anissa could also generate small localized earthquakes by stomping the ground. Unlike the television series, Anissa was aware of her father's secret life and he was likewise aware of her powers, forbidding her to even think of becoming a superhero until she finished her education. She then donned her costume and went on her first patrol the night of her graduation from medical school.

It remains to be seen if Jennifer Pierce, Jefferson's youngest daughter, will also be developing superpowers at some point. It seems a safe bet, however, as Jennifer Pierce in the comics took after her father more directly, inheriting his electrical powers and taking up the code name Lightning. And it's worth noting that in the introduction to Black Lightning's first episode, as Jefferson was being harassed by two racist cops in front of his daughters, that an older version of Jennifer Pierce (who was narrating the scene) said "This was the night, in the rain, with Thunder and Lightning as a witness, that Black Lightning was born again."

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Black Lightning continues Tuesday, February 6 with 'Black Jesus' on The CW.

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