Family Fights Back in New Black Lightning Trailer

The CW's newest superhero show, Black Lightning, has released another new trailer, and this one puts the focus on the hero's family... who are fighting back! The trailer is the latest in The CW's supercharged marketing campaign for their newest superhero series about a retired hero with electrical powers who is now saving lives in a different way: as a high school principal in a violent neighborhood. Cress Williams will star in Black Lightning as the titular character, and has been the main focus of the trailers and teasers that have been released so far.

However, glimpses of Jefferson's family have also made it into the promos. Jefferson is married to Lynn (Christine Adams) and the pair have two daughters, Jennifer (China Anne McClain) and Anissa (Nafessa Williams). These women are a major part of the upcoming series, and now a new trailer gives them a little more attention.

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The trailer was released by The CW, and clocks in at just 30 seconds long. It starts with one of the Pierce daughters dealing some swift justice to a guy grinding on her at the club, and goes on from there to show both Anissa and Jennifer kicking some ass in tough situations. These shots are mixed with happier scenes of the girls with their father, showing how close the family is. The trailer also shows Jefferson telling Lynn that he is going "to get our girls" before a shot of him in full costume, and ends with the tagline 'Family Fights Back'.

Cress Williams from the Black Lightning TV series

Although the details of the plot are not known yet, this trailer makes it look as though the Pierce girls are going to be kidnapped at some point. Previous Black Lightning trailers have shown that Jefferson has some qualms about returning to life as a superhero (and his wife has even more than him), so this might be the event that inspires Black Lightning to suit up once again. Who, exactly, has kidnapped his daughters isn't clear, but it could be the villain of the season: Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones III).

Black Lightning will be joining The CW mid-month, airing in the timeslot immediately after The Flash. This is prime network real estate for the newcomer, and the hope is obviously that the popularity of The Flash will keep fans watching when the speedster's hour is up. However, Black Lightning is not officially part of the Arrowverse itself right now, even though fans are speculating that it will eventually be brought into the fold.

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Black Lightning premieres Jan. 16, 9pm EST on The CW.

Source: The CW

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