When Black Lightning Season 2 Returns In 2019 (& What To Expect)

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The first half of Black Lightning season 2 is now done, and fans can now look forward to Black Lightning returning in 2019. Jefferson Pierce faced new challenges in both his professional and personal lives, struggling to mentor his daughters who have developed superpowers of their own, even as he worked to protect his hometown of Freeland, and reconcile with his ex-wife, Dr. Lynn Stewart. As Jefferson struggled to keep mind, body and soul together, his arch-enemy, crime-boss Tobias Whale, quietly secured his hold on Freeland's underworld.

The first season of Black Lightning ended on a note of triumph, with Black Lightning exposing a secret program initiated by a rogue branch of the American Security Agency. Meanwhile, Jefferson's daughters rebelled against him and his efforts to protect them. In the case of eldest daughter Anissa, who had taken up the vigilante identity of Thunder, she began grandstanding to the public while in costume and started playing Robin Hood on the sly, robbing Freeland's drug dealers in order to offer financial assistance to those in need.

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The youngest Pierce daughter, Jennifer, fought back against her parents more directly, eventually driving her into running away with her ex-boyfriend Khalil Payne, who had - thanks to Tobias Whale - been transformed into the supervillain called Painkiller. All of these stories fed into the Black Lightning season 2 midseason finale, with Whale's agents closing-in on the runaway Khalil and Jennifer, even as Black Lightning and Thunder raced to their rescue. And now, it's time to look forward to the series returning in 2019.

When Black Lightning Season 2 Returns In 2019

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Black Lightning season 2 is scheduled to return on Monday, January 21, 2019. The series will be moving to a new time slot on The CW, now airing on Mondays at 9 PM EST, following immediately after Arrow, which will also return on Monday, January 21, 2019. For the time being, it seems Black Lightning will be taking DC's Legends of Tomorrow's time slot.

What To Expect From Black Lightning Season 2 Part 2

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Surprisingly, the Black Lightning season 2 midseason finale ended with none of its subplots being resolved. Khalil and Jennifer are still on the run, with nobody having any clue how to find them. Tobias Whale is still working on his grand plan, but made no moves beyond recruiting a young scientist named Todd Green to work for him. The episode also ended strangely, with a metahuman assassin with the power of teleportation receiving a call about coming to Freeland, though it was unclear who was bringing him in.

Beyond the conflict between Black Lightning and Tobias Whale continuing, it's hard to say precisely what to expect after the midseason finale. Hopes are still high that we may see more metahumans joining the fight for Freeland and the beginnings of something akin to the Dakotaverse from the comics. There's also a chance we'll see Black Lightning leading a team of Outsiders, like in the upcoming season of Young Justice. For now, fans will have to wait until January 2019 to find out for certain what lies in the future for Black Lightning season 2.

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