Black Lightning's On A Break: Here's When The Show Returns (& What To Expect When It Does)

Like most of the CW superhero shows, Black Lightning is on hiatus until March. Here's when it comes back and what to expect once it returns.

Black Lightning and Thunder from Pillar of Fire

Like all of The CW's other superhero shows, Black Lightning is going on hiatus for several weeks. This sudden break has left fans of the series anxious, given the stunning twists that occurred in the last aired episode, "Pillar of Fire." Here's when Black Lightning returns and what you can expect.

The main plotline of Black Lightning season 2 has built upon the revelation that a public vaccination program from 30 years earlier had been part of a secret government program to activate the latent superpowers of low-income teenagers in anticipation of turning them into super-soldiers. This was how a young Jefferson Pierce gained the ability to absorb and manipulate electricity, going on to protect his neighborhood as Black Lightning. An updated version of the same government program attempted to achieve the same ends through a street-drug known as Green Light. Black Lightning season 1 ended with the program exposed and dozens of the so-called Green Light Babies revealed to have been kept in cryogenic suspension by the government for over three decades.

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Dr. Lynn Stewart, Jefferson Pierce's ex-wife, was placed in charge of overseeing the medical recovery of these teenagers. Her efforts were largely hampered by Helga Jace - a doctor once tied to Green Light program, who lost her license to practice medicine and was jailed for malpractice due to her liberal definitions of "acceptable losses" and "medical ethics." Despite Dr. Stewart's objections, Jace was allowed to work on the project due to her prior experience and the fact that she was necessary to facilitate the safe transport of the Green Light Babies when agents of the hostile Markovian government began trying to secure the children for their own purposes and nearly abducted Dr. Stewart off the street.

This chaotic situation proved the perfect cover for crime-boss Tobias Whale, who had been quietly building his own private team of metahuman operatives over the past few months. Having just acquired the services of the metahuman super-soldiers known as the Masters of Disaster, Whale had his chief assassin Cutter and the newly recruited Shakedown raid the government base holding the Green Light Babies, with Helga Jace's assistance from the inside helping them to get in undetected. As "Pillar of Fire" ended, Whale had control of every cryogenically frozen metahuman the American government had created and the finger of blame for their disappearance was pointed firmly at the Markovians.

Black Lightning Season 2 Returns In March

Black Lightning season 2 is scheduled to return on Monday, March 4, 2019. The series will remain in its current time-slot on The CW at 9 PM EST, until the season finale airs on Monday, March 25, 2019. Arrow will then move into Black Lightning's time-slot on Monday, April 1, 2019 when Legends of Tomorrow season 4 returns, now airing on Mondays in the 8 PM EST time-slot.

What To Expect When Black Lightning Season 2 Returns

Black Lighting Orignal Sin Ghostly Boy

Little is known for certain about precisely what can be expected in the next episode of Black Lightning, which is titled "Original Sin." The trailer for the episode features the tagline, "When a hero falls... the dead will rise." This, coupled with the image of a ghostly boy running down the halls of Garfield High before vanishing in a puff of smoke, suggests that Black Lightning could be stalked by a literal ghost. It seems more likely, however, based on the implications of the title and a voice saying "history is what's troubling you" that Jefferson Pierce will be haunted by the memories of some past misdeed or mistake.

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