Black Lightning Resurrects a Villain in 'Revelations' Trailer

WARNING - Spoilers for this week's Black Lightning


The trailer for next week's episode of Black Lightning will follow-up on the shocking reveal that Lala has returned from the dead. While most superhero shows tend to drag out the drama, the shorter run of Black Lightning's first season has made the show narratively adept at dealing with big changes efficiently. Anissa's powers were revealed to her parents last episode, and this week wasted no time getting Jefferson ready to train her and moving towards upgrading her throwback comic book costume.

Black Lightning will also need all the help he can get, as the death of Lady Eve seems to have left a power vacuum in Freeland. We don't yet know the mechanics of the criminal families, but clearly Eve and Gambi are part of something larger. And following the hit on Lady Eve, last night's episode ended with the shocking reveal that Lala (and possibly LaWanda) have returned from the dead. And if villains can come back to life in Freeland, Anissa's powers will surely come in handy.

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The CW released the trailer for next week's episode of Black Lightning, 'Revelations,' which sees Lala back in Freeland and quickly catching up on what he's missed. Though superpowers have been a part of the show since the beginning, the revived Lala and the wraith-like LaWanda may be opening up a whole new door for Black Lightning.

The origin of Black Lightning's powers is still a mystery, but they're said to be somehow connected to the drug green light. Whatever Jefferson's father died researching, it clearly explains the rash of metahumans in Freeland. With teases that Tobias and his lieutenant Syonide may also have abilities, there's definitely a bigger conspiracy afoot. And the return of Lala and LaWanda might be the next iteration of it.

There's also the chance we're looking at something more supernatural. Both DC Comics and The CW's other superhero shows have delved deep into the mystical, and the constant allusions to the Bible in the episode names for Black Lightning tease something similar. With more fantastical plots and characters cropping up, we may be seeing the birth of the Lightningverse on Black Lightning. DC has plenty of heroes and villains they've yet to use in movies or TV shows, and the minds behind Black Lightning seem just as confident wading into genre waters as they do dealing with social and political issues—so the future of the show is wide open.

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Black Lightning returns next Tuesday, March 13 with 'Revelations' on The CW.

Source: The CW

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