Black Lightning Images & Banner Reveal the Villainous Tobias Whale

A batch of images and a new poster have arrived for the latest DC TV entry, Black Lightning. When Black Lightning arrives next year, it will mark something of a departure for the CW's crop of superhero series. Though Supergirl began life ostensibly separate from the Arrowverse, that quickly changed even before the show left CBS to join its brethren. Now four shows strong, the Arrowverse just aired its biggest crossover to date as the combined heroes squared off against Nazi doppelgängers. Black Lighting, however, will be something different.

Black Lightning won't exist in the Arrowverse, at least not for now, instead choosing to focus on former superhero Jefferson Pierce as he tries to raise his two daughters even as they begin to develop powers. Eventually, he'll be pulled back into his old life when crime boss Tobias Whale and his gang, The 100, become too much for the community. With Black Lightning set to air in January, we now have some new looks at the show.

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The CW released a new batch of images for Black Lightning along with a poster showcasing the hero. The photos highlight Black Lightning's suit and the various supporting characters and offer our first look at Marvin Jones III as Tobias Whale.

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Along with Whale and his gang, singer Jill Scott will play villain Lady Eve. Meanwhile, Chantal Thuy will play Grace Choi, balancing the scales a bit. Black Lightning will be able to tap into a whole new corner of the DC Comics universe, helping to define its special place amongst superhero TV shows.

While the rest of the Arrowverse shows are more fantastical—save Arrow when it's not in the midst of a crossover—Black Lightning will mark a serious departure. Arrow and Supergirl have tackled social issues from time to time, but Black Lightning will be able to channel the black experience in America through the superhero lens. In that way, it will naturally draw comparisons to Luke Cage, but what we've seen of the show so far marks it as something more unique.

Though gang violence and threats to the community will be a core part of the show, it will also focus on raising a family in such an environment. Even more interesting, but it will tackle the challenge of being a parent to budding heroes who see their father as a role model. We've seen some issues of legacies in superhero shows and movies before, but Black Lightning will be firmly rooted in the concept.

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Black Lightning will premiere Tuesday, January 16 at 9pm on The CW.

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