Black Lightning Gets Beaten By Tobias Whale in New Comic

DC's newest Black Lightning comic pits the hero against Tobias Whale, but our exclusive preview shows it's the villain who gives the beating.

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Black Lightning #6

Black Lightning may be back on the job in his new TV show, but in our preview of his newest comic, he's the one taking the worst beating. It was yet another twist of comic book fate that as The CW moved to add Black Lightning to their roster of DC Comics programming - but not necessarily the same universe as Arrow or The Flash - that DC was launching a new, modern, and socially conscious series. And not just any "Rebirth," but a story from the character's creator, Tony Isabella.

In its first issues the classic villain Tobias Whale has been just as intimidating, if not more downright terrifying than his TV counterpart... and Jefferson Pierce has barely had time to worry about his arch-nemesis at all. Having Black Lightning painted a criminal by some, teaming up with the police to bring down a killer, and rooting out the source of new alien weaponry on the streets of Cleveland have taken up the hero's time thus far.

In our exclusive preview of Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #6 Jefferson finally tracks the threat to it source. He learns the true plan Tobias Whale has for America and his weapons, and puts a hurting on the hero. But Jefferson always has a backup plan...

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The events of Issue #5 took Black Lightning right up to the point this issue begins, and even gave Jefferson the early edge over his opponent. A powerful punch or two later, and Tobias Whale has Black Lightning at his mercy. The only question is: which stings more, the hits, or the truth in Whale's vision of an America he can manipulate into limitless power and money?

Take a look at the preview pages below:

The specter of gun control and gun violence have loomed more and more in the story of Cold Dead Hands, and how the average Cleveland citizen will be made less safe by the guns Tobias Whale is hoping to spread. These preview pages show that the militarization of police and NRA lobbying are going to be key parts of Whale's plan, which may be met with complaints to "keep politics out of comics." Of course, as Black Lightning fans already know, Tony Isabella didn't create a hero who spends his days helping kids in America's poorest neighborhood make a better future to avoid making a statement about the social injustices he perceived.

Therea no reason the hero and writer shouldn't keep up the tradition as the threats facing Cleveland and America take new forms. But as well-meaning as his intentions may be, can Black Lightning bring Tobias Whale down... when his plan seems to be somewhat believable? We'll have to wait for the entire issue to find out.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:


Published: April 4, 2018

Writer: Tony Isabella

Art: Clayton Henry

Cover Artist: Clayton Henry

This is it: the climactic battle between Black Lightning and Tobias Whale for the future of Cleveland and the nation! Alien weapons! Flying killers! Police under fire! And the surprises keep coming right through the very last page of this story! Black Lightning’s back...but will he survive this ultimate showdown?

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Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #6 will be available from DC Comics on April 4, 2018.

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