Black Lightning Casts Jill Scott as the Villain Lady Eve

The CW's Black Lightning has added yet another villain to its ranks, in the form of Lady Eve. What started as a Dark-Knight-inspired take on the Green Arrow on The CW eventually spun itself into four live-action shows and two animated DC TV series. Next week, ArrowThe FlashSupergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow will all return for new adventures that will culminate in their epic team-up this year. Even Vixen and Freedom Fighters: The Ray will have an impact on these stories.

Though Black Lightning won't arrive until the spring of next year and will be separate from the Arrowverse, fans are still hoping that Cress Williams will one day shared the screen with the likes of Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, and Kara Danvers, among others. The sizzle reel for The CW's DC shows has already included the hero, so it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibilities one day. In the meantime, however, Black Lightning will have plenty to deal with on his end.

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EW is reporting that Grammy-winning singer Jill Scott will be playing the villainous Lady Eve on Black Lightning. In the show, she will serve as a go-between for a secret cabal of individuals and crime lord Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones III) and his gang The 100.

In the comics, Lady Eve made her debut in 1985's Batman and the Outsiders #24, where she was a member of the nefarious Kobra Cult. In all likelihood, that will be the mysterious group that she represents on the Black Lightning TV show. She'll present herself, however, as the operator of a funeral parlor in the city of Freeland where Black Lightning takes place. It won't be long until she butts heads with Black Lightning himself, of course.

While Scott is mostly known as a musician, she's appeared on a number of TV shows over the years, ranging from Fringe to Law & Order: SVU. She even voice Storm in the animated Black Panther series, so she's no stranger to comic book adaptations.

As for Black Lightningthe TV show will see Jefferson Davis reluctantly return to the world of crime fighting while also watching his daughters start to enter that life themselves. The show is also said to have quite a different tone from The CW's Arrowverse TV series, which could prove to be something of an obstacle to the possibility of Jefferson Davis crossing paths with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and the Legends on the small screen, sometime in the future.

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Black Lightning premieres on The CW in early 2018.

Source: EW

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