Black Lightning Must Save Local Kids in ‘The Book of Redemption’ Trailer

Spoilers for those not caught up on Black Lightning

Local children are in danger in the promo for upcoming Black Lightning episode "The Book of Redeption". It seems like the past is always coming back to haunt Jefferson Pierce. Tobias Whale came back years after Black Lightning thought he died. The street drug Green Light isn't new, it's been around for decades and ties into how Jefferson got his powers. Even his own return to being Black Lightning after retiring from the superhero game.

In the most recent episode, "The Book of Little Black Lies," a lot changed for Jefferson. Mostly because his daughter Jennifer now knows that he is Black Lightning, that Anissa is Thunder, and that she too has powers - whether she wants them or not. Jennifer's reaction to having been lied to her entire life has both of her parents looking back at the past and considering the choices they made in raising their daughters.


And now the past is repeating itself once more. The trailer for the next episode - titled "The Book of Redemption" - has been released by The CW and it shows that the children of Freeland are in danger. Someone is kidnapping them right off the streets, mirroring similar crimes from Jefferson's childhood.

The trailer shows that the children are being taken for what appears to be some kind of medical experiments. They're kept alive, in some kind of stasis. Considering that Jefferson's superpowers are connected to a vaccine which shares components with Green Light, it's likely that these abductions and experiments are a continuation of the ones which were going on thirty years ago. The biggest difference is that thirty years ago there was no Black Lightning and no Thunder to fight back and hopefully save the children.

Thanks to Lynn's research, Jefferson knows a lot more about Green Light and the vaccine from his childhood. Plus he is aware that Gambi probably knows even more, if he's willing to talk to his former mentor. Not only do Jefferson and his daughter have superpowers that they can use to help the abducted children, but they have a lot more information to help them figure out who is behind this terrible crime.

Even with powers and the knowledge that they have, there is still plenty of danger for Black Lightning and Thunder to face. Including another blast from the past, as the trailer shows Lala turning up to cause some trouble. Still, the heroes of Black Lightning are ready for the challenge. And while another hero or two may have gotten a shoutout by the characters, father and daughter are turning into a strong enough team to face whatever comes their way on their own.


Black Lightning returns to The CW with "The Book of Redemption" on Tuesday March 26 at 9 pm.

Source: The CW

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