Black Lightning Must Clear His Name in 'Little Black Lies' Trailer

[Spoilers for those not caught up on Black Lightning.]


The trailer has been released for "The Book of Little Black Lies", the next episode of Black Lightning. When Jefferson Pierce decided to return to being superhero vigilante Black Lightning after nearly a decade, it was because he thought that he could do some good for him family and community. Clearly, he had no idea how many secrets and lies would come crashing down around him once he put the mask back on - or how his family would change forever.

But things have changed in the last ten years. One of his reasons for returning to a life of crime fighting was that his daughters were older now, only apparently with maturity for the Pierce girls there also comes some inherited super powers of their own. Anissa's powers are known to her father and already she is working to become his sidekick. As of the episode "Revelations", it looks like Jennifer might soon be joining her father and sister in the hero business. (Well, her parents have been on her to find an activity to replace track.) Meanwhile, Jefferson also lost trust in his mentor Gambi after learning a bit more about why the man came to Freeland, and how it connects to the death of his father. Pretty bad timing, since clearing his name of the murder of Lady Eve means that Jefferson needs all the help he can get.

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Now the trailer for "The Book of Little Black Lies" has been released by The CW, and it looks like Black Lightning has to deal with the aftermath of all the secrets and lies coming to a head - while still trying to prove that he is innocent of Lady Eve's murder. You can watch the trailer in the space above.

The trailer shows Jennifer dealing with the revelation that her father is Black Lightning - something his powers have allowed him to keep hidden from her even up close - and that Anissa also has abilities. Meanwhile, Gambi is clearly trying to atone for the sins from his past, no matter what that means. Whether he is doing so to help Black Lightning or to earn his trust again remains to be seen. Through it all, Black Lightning is still being blamed for the murder of Lady Eve - who many considered a pillar of the community - and other murders as well, with no idea how much of Freeland's misfortune she was actually behind. Oh, and there is a hitman coming to town. The official synopsis reveals more details:

FAMILY ABOVE ALL - In the aftermath of the latest killing Black Lightning, (Cress Williams) works to clear his name while also hunting down the person responsible for his father's death, and anyone else involved. Tensions remain high between Black Lightning and Gambi (James Remar). The episode was written by Keli Goff and directed by Tawina McKernan (#409). Original airdate 3/20/2018.

The hunt for his father's killers has always been what drove Jefferson to be Black Lightning, as much as his desire to protect Freeland. Now that he knows more than ever, including Gambi's well-intentioned role in everything, the job of revenge is bigger too. Plus, he's dealing with the return of Tobias and Lala, as well as this new hitman's arrival. Luckily for him, he now has help from Anissa and potentially Jennifer quite soon as well. Though of course, his headstrong daughters might prove to be a liability as much as an asset. And if he doesn't clear his name soon, the people of Freeland might continue to turn on their hero, with potentially devastating consequences.

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Black Lightning continues Tuesday, March 20 with "The Book of Little Black Lies" at 9 pm on The CW.

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