Black Lighting Producer Wants to Introduce Static Shock on the Show

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Static Shock could appear in a future episode of Black Lightning, if the showrunner has his way. The series, another DC property being adapted by The CW, is set to hit screens at some point during the 2017/2018 programming season, but so far there haven't been too many details released. A synopsis and first-look trailer have given fans an idea of the basic premise and the core characters, and the network has officially announced that the show will not be joining the other Arrowverse series just yet.

However, fans have yet to find out which other comic characters might be making an appearance in the upcoming series. It can be assumed that existing Arrowverse characters won't be showing up, at least, not until the shows cross over (if they do), but now the showrunner has spoken up about one character that he would love to see join the show.

Showrunner Salim Akil revealed that he would like to see Static Shock join the show, in a recent interview at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, reports

Static Shock DC

"I love the idea of Static Shock, and in success, hopefully, we’ll be able to pull other characters in in that way. So I’m holding out hope because I love that character."

Static Shock will already be familiar to fans of the animated series of the same name, and for those looking forward to a potential webseries for the character which was rumored to be looking at Jayden Smith to star back in 2015. For new fans, Static Shock is the superhero alter ego of Virgil Hawkins, a Teen Titan with electric powers similar to Black Lightning himself.

Static Shock is certainly a popular character who could become another younger cast member for Black Lightning, and whose powers match that of the lead in an interesting way. Assuming that The CW would be able to get the rights to the character, it could be a fantastic addition to the show.

However, those rights might not be easy to procure. Although the webseries has been languishing in development for some time now, if it's still in the works, that could prevent the network from using the character themselves. In addition, Static Shock has so much in common with Black Lightning in terms of powers that it might be more interesting to have him show up elsewhere (although similarly power characters is certainly working for The Flash).

Black Lightning is a midseason premiere on The CW.

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