Theory: Black Knight’s Ebony Blade Is Made Of Vibranium

Marvel Black Knight Ebony Blade and Chris Evans as Captain America With Silver Shield

Kit Harington's Black Knight will make his MCU debut in Marvel's Eternals movie - and it's possible the cinematic version of the Ebony Blade could be made from Vibranium. In the comics, Dane Whitman is the heir to the mantle of the Black Knight. The first Black Knight, Sir Percy of Scandia, served at the Court of King Arthur himself.

To be the Black Knight is to wield the mystical Ebony Blade, a legendary sword that was forged by Merlin from a meteorite he called the Starstone. The Ebony Blade possessed tremendous power, and was able to cut through anything. Sir Percy was invulnerable to harm so long as he wielded the enchanted sword - until his nemesis, Mordred, managed to obtain a blade made from the same Starstone, which broke the enchantment. After Sir Percy's untimely death, the Ebony Blade passed down through the generations, finally finding its way to Dane Whitman. Over the centuries, it had acquired a terrible Blood Curse, and now hungered for blood.

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The MCU introduction of the Black Knight naturally means the Ebony Blade will be making its cinematic debut, too - and Marvel could conceivably tie it to the Vibranium shown in Black Panther. Wakanda's Vibranium comes from a meteorite that struck the continent of Africa some 2.5 million years ago. Vibranium is best known for its ability to absorb and redirect energy, but it's also tremendously strong; in the MCU, Captain America's shield is made of pure Vibranium. It's not hard to imagine a scenario where Vibranium was forged into a razor-sharp sword, that could cut through anything.

In the comics, Vibranium has another property, one that would surely mean a sorcerer like Merlin would be fascinated by any small sample of the metal he managed to obtain. Vibranium can absorb magic in the same way it absorbs kinetic energy; magically-charged Vibranium then taps into a mysterious, almost unlimited energy flow on a quantum level. Significantly, though, this Vibranium becomes inherently unstable. Only the most skilled sorcerers have been able to work out how to safely manipulate magically-charged Vibranium. That could explain why the Ebony Blade was susceptible to acquiring a Blood Curse in the first place, because, although it had been successfully enchanted by Merlin, one of the greatest wizards of all time, the magic could have become unstable over the generations, and the enchantment twisted and corrupted. This subtle rewrite would make the Ebony Blade a little more understandable, clarifying what properties it acquired from Merlin's sorcery, and what came from its original composition.

It's important to note that, while this would simply be a neat way of tying two concepts together, it would also have subtle implications for the MCU. If the Ebony Blade's Vibranium didn't originate in Wakanda, then it would suggest that the asteroid that impacted the African continent was one of a swarm, and that there could be other Vibranium deposits on Earth. Further, it would set the precedent for Vibranium to have an incredible mystical potential, setting up interesting plots for Black Panther 2 and beyond. The 2010 comic book event Doomwar saw Doctor Doom raid Wakanda's Vibranium stores in order to enchant it as part of his latest bid for global domination. It's reasonable to assume Doom is a high priority for Marvel Studios - Noah Hawley completed a Doctor Doom script for Fox, and he's reportedly had meetings with Marvel about the idea. That may even mean the Black Panther franchise could eventually do the Doomwar story, one of the most entertaining Black Panther arcs of the last decade.

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