'Tron Legacy' Director Gives 'Black Hole' Details

We reported back in December that the team which is bringing Disney's Tron Legacy to the big screen would also be taking on the duties of remaking another outdated Disney sci-fi property: The Black Hole.

Well, Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has been talking to the press lately about Tron Legacy and, more recently, about how things are progressing with Black Hole.

Check out what Kosinski had to say to MTV:

"I saw 'Black Hole' as a little kid..What sticks out most is the robot Maximilian. The blades and the vicious killing of Anthony Perkins. That freaked me out and that's definitely going to be an element that will be preserved. The design of the Cygnus ship is one of the most iconic spaceships ever put to film. From a conceptual point of view, we know so much more about black holes now, the crazy things that go on as you approach them due to the intense gravitational pull and the effects on time and space. All that could provide us with some really cool film if we embrace it in a hard science way."

If you want to read more of Kosinski's ideas for Black Hole, head on over to MTV.

I never saw the original Black Hole but people do seem to love that Maximilian robot guy (see image above). I'm also digging the fact that Kosinski is going to use modern theory about black holes to construct a (hopefully) kick-ass sci-fi/mystery. Of course, its Disney behind this film, so I'm not expecting Event Horizon or anything, but a few chills and thrills don't seem like too much to ask for.

Travis Beacham - who wrote the new Clash of the Titans - is handling the script for Black Hole, so if Titans turns out to be a thrilling adventure I'd place a fair bet that Black Hole will be too. And you just know Disney is going to go all digital 3D with the film - however, that could really cool if we get some crazy, twisty/bendy black hole sequences.

We'll keep an eye on how The Black Hole is coming along; you just be sure to check back here for updates.

Source: MTV

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