Black Dynamite Blowing Up on Screens Big and Small!

Hey suckah, if you ain't been out to theaters to see Black Dynamite take on The Man, you need to get gone already!

It might sound like I'm joking, but Black Dynamite is a movie seriously worth watching (see our review) and it's in theaters now, still waiting for people just like you to come along and turn it into the cult-hit it's destined to become. But if you think you can hide from the badass kung fu brother who drives $5,000 cars and wears $100 suits, you wrong, suckah - DEAD wrong - because Black Dynamite will be blowing up on your TV screen in full Technocolor Blanimation (that's 20% blacker than animation) all too soon! After all the ra-ra we've done for this film I don't know how you could possibly NOT know what it's about, but just in case:

Actor Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight, Spawn) plays Black Dynamite, a smooth talking brother with kung fu skills unmatched in the 'hood. When his brother is killed by drug dealers and mobsters, Black Dynamite goes on a bloody quest for vengeance that leads him from the back alleys of the 'hood, to the island fortress of the fiendish Dr. Wu, the ranks of the CIA and even the halls of the White House itself. Anyone serving The Man's evil agenda is fixin' to get a blast of some Black Dynamite!

Written by Michael Jai White, Byron Minns (who narrates the trailer) and Scott Sanders (who also directs), Black Dynamite is a hilarious send-up of the Blaxploitation genre of the 70s, with White turning in a terrific performance as the titular Black Dynamite. Everything is up for spoof, from the low-budget "innovations" of Blaxploitation filmmaking, to the conventions and questionable attitudes of the genre's greatest "heroes." Some familiar faces - Tommy Davidson, Arsenio Hall, Brian McKnight, Mad TV's Nicole Sullivan and even former NBA star John Sale - turn up to help provide the laughs in some outrageous cameos. By far the best has to be Reno 911! star Cedric Yarbrough as a pimp named "Chocolate Giddy-Up". His signature phrase has become my new movie quote of choice.

If you haven't seen the trailer for Black Dynamite, watch it now:

And if you can believe it, they're turning all that into an animated series!

That's right, suckah! Black Dynamite is getting animatized into a cartoon that will air on The Cartoon Network (presumably its Adult Swim branch). Michael Jai White let Latino Review know the deal while on the press junket for the movie earlier this month; one of the showrunners of the popular Adult Swim series The Boondocks is reportedly involved with the project.

No word on exactly when the Black Dynamite cartoon is coming, but we can only hope that Michael Jai White will be onboard to put the boom in the voice of our Main Man. When you see the movie, make sure you pay special attention to the awesome animated sequence by Six Point Harness - hopefully that's exactly what this series will deliver.

Enough talk, suckah! Check these theaters and locations to see where you gotta go to see Black Dynamiiiiittteee! If you wanna know just how funny this movie really is, check out the collective word of Hollywood's biggest jive critics - even THEY had a blast with Black Dynamite!



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Source: Black Dynamite official site & Latino Review

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