Black Dynamite Fights Smack In The Orphanages!

America, we have a problem: there is too much smack in our orphanages. There are many names for it - big H, black tar, blue velvet, Boy, the dragon, the chick, China white, Girl, Harry Jones, Judas, King Kong, Nixon, Rambo, red chicken, schmack, schmeck, T.N.T., the beast or chiva -  but whatever you call it, it's killing our orphans at an alarming rate.

FSITO (Fight Smack In The Orphanages) is taking to the streets on September 9, 10 and 11th to spread awareness about the smack epidemic and the orphans being affected, and they would like for you to join in the fight by signing their petition for increased smack awareness!

Founded by Gloria Grey, FSITO's official mission statement is to:

  • ESTABLISH A GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT that will supply counseling, support, nurturing, love, methadone, and understanding to our nation's Smacked up kids.
  • CREATE SMACK AWARENESS and provide Smack-related materials, including t-shirts, bumper stickers, key chains and temporary tattoos.
  • STOP THE VICIOUS CYCLE of addiction by saving Smack-addicted orphans from pushers while, in turn, saving the pushers from organized crime, saving organized crime from the drug cartels and, ultimately, saving the drug cartels from big government health care reform.

500,000 signatures is the goal. Will you be a part of the cure?

For more info you can visit the FSITO official website. (Warning: smack-addiction is not pretty and the FSITO website is NSFW).

Check out this FSITO PSA on the dangers of drugs:



No there isn't REALLY an organization called "FSITO" - the group and its campaign are part of the highly amusing press packet I received yesterday for Black Dynamite, the 70s blaxploitation spoof film starring (and co-written by) Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight). If you haven't been following our coverage of this hilarious film by Scott Sanders (Thick as Thieves), you should check out the trailer and our review of the film.

Black Dynamite tells the story of an African-American kung-fu badass who takes on pushers, dealers, mobsters, ninjas and even The White House in order to wipe the stain of drugs out of his neighborhood streets (and apparently, orphanages as well). The press kit certainly did its job: I was confounded for ten minutes before I put 2+2 together to get 4. The filmmakers really didn't leave me any kind of tip-off in the official FSITO letter, t-shirt, sticker, Smack PSA DVD and free pen syringe (see below) they sent along.

But man how I laughed when I finally did figure out the gag...

It was all in good fun - and so will Black Dynamite be when it hits theaters on October 16, 2009. Check it out (and no, you cannot have my t-shirt and certainly not my syringe pen ;-) ).

Source: For more FSITO PSA ads visit VodPod

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