Black Canary is The New Ra's al Ghul of DC Comics

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Gotham City Garage Chapter 20


Green Arrow was chosen as the new Ra's al Ghul on TV, but in the comics, it's a job only Black Canary can handle. That's the latest bombshell dropped in Gotham City Garage, the DC Comics series putting a post-apocalypse spin on the publisher's heroes and villains. No matter what disaster wipes out most of mankind, the League of Assassins is built to survive. And where the Arrow TV series made Oliver Queen the heir to the Demon, the comics prove what Black Canary fans have known all along: Oliver doesn't stand a chance against Dinah Lance.

That's not as much of an insult to Queen as some might think, either. The wasteland of Gotham City Garage has corrupted plenty of good-hearted heroes already. Batman became Lex Luthor's attack dog, stopped only by the return of the legendary (biker) Wonder Woman. The Flash turned evil and was killed for it. It's a landscape where only the strong survive - and even then only when they've got back-up.

Thanks to Black Canary, the last heroines of the Earth now have the League of Assassins on their side. But will Canary save the world... or bring it all down in flames?

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The Black Canary of DC's Wasteland

The answer isn't as obvious as comic fans might think, considering how heroic and unwavering Dinah Lance tends to be (in comics, at least). The harsh, cruel, and violent wasteland left in the wake of the mysterious "Worldburn" gives the entire story a Mad Max tension, and can push the noble just as far beyond their limits. Thankfully, the story of Black Canary's rise to the rank of Ra's al Ghul doesn't begin with her new look, new hairstyle, and new willingness to kill. It begins at the beginning, when Black Canary did what she does best: leads.

In this case, leading the heroines of the DC Universe into the brave new world of Gotham City Garage. In fact, it's slowly revealed that it was likely Dinah who united the group in the first place. Batman recently relied on Black Canary to recruit a Justice League in DC's main, Rebirth continuity, so she clearly has a knack for it. But that was all before the world went from bad to worse. Before rushing into battle against The Red Hood with her amplified Canary Cry wasn't enough to keep their world intact.

Eventually, Dinah took on a trial that only she could, wading into the darkness of the "Creepy Leaguers" (as Harley Quinn calls them). She survived and rose as Ra's al Ghul's student, but she wasn't alone. And in the end, Black Canary and Green Arrow are forced to decide who will lead the League as the next Ra's in a good old fashioned battle to the death.

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