Is Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam In Suicide Squad 2 or Not?

The Rock and Suicide Squad

A new rumor suggests Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam won't debut in Suicide Squad 2 as previously reported. For all of the stars that Warner Bros. has in their DC Universe, they've yet to use arguably their biggest one. Johnson has been attached to play the anti-hero known as Black Adam for close to five years and has yet to make an appearance. The plan previously was for him to be the villain in Shazam!, but he's instead getting a solo movie. But, in order to accelerate his debut, reports pointed to him being the MacGuffin for the next Task Force X adventure.

Late last year, a report pointed to Johnson making his DC debut in Suicide Squad 2. He wouldn't be a member of the team or even the main villain but rather what the team was trying to acquire for Amanda Waller. Screen Rant's own sources corroborated the report, but something may have changed.

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Twitter user @DanielRPK has made a name for himself recently with his insight into Warner Bros.' plans for DC. He teased Steven Spielberg's addition and Ava DuVernay doing New Gods to name a few. Now he's back and says, "From what I understand Black Adam isn't gonna be in Suicide Squad 2." This contradicts the previous reports, which our sources said was still the case in April, so if something changed, it is a recent adjustment. If true, Black Adam's debut may still be a ways off.

It appeared that WB and writer/director Gavin O'Connor cracked a clever way to bring Black Adam in now while The Rock remains one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, so him potentially not appearing in Suicide Squad 2 after all would be a bit disappointing. Black Adam has a ton of potential as an anti-hero or a straight-up villain, so maybe this is all part of the plan for Man of Steel 2?

What changed is the question that has now been raised if Black Adam isn't involved. He may have only been set to be a minor character, but was a driving plot point and a massive character to introduce, likely laying the foundation for more appearances sooner rather than later. One factor could be the recent fast-tracking Birds of Prey has received, as it bumped Suicide Squad 2 in WB's production schedule. With Johnson's ever-growing schedule, he may just not have time anymore. His potential removal from the script could come with the recent reveal that Gotham actor Todd Stashwick is co-writing the script, possibly indicating some changes are being made. This is a tricky situation at the end of the day and given all the uncertainty surrounding Suicide Squad 2 to begin with, it may still be a while before we know for sure when, where, and how Black Adam will be introduced.

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Suicide Squad 2 is in development but does not have a release date.

Source: DanielRPK

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