Biting Elbows 'Insane Office Escape 2' Video: A First Person Secret Agent Short Film

Biting Elbows

When VHS 3 gets a green light, Ilya Naishuller should get a spot on the directing roster. Naishuller directed the music video for Biting Elbows’ “Bad Motherf***er” - a spiritual sequel to the video for 'The Stampede' (aka 'Insane Office Escape'). It’s an absolutely mesmerizing, exhilarating, violent, and very bloody five-minute chase sequence - all shot from the handheld, first person perspective.

Whether the Russian indie-punk band’s music is your thing or not, after catching this video, you’ll undoubtedly be scarred/impressed by some of the imagery. We’ve got vicious dog attacks, a car chase, building scaling, a massive explosion, and so much more.

WARNING: This videos are filled with violence and blood, and are absolutely NSFW!

“Bad Motherf***er” aka Insane Office Escape 2

"The Stampede" aka Insane Office Escape

Naturally my producing brain kicks in first, running through a laundry list of insurance, safety, special effects, and locations questions. They had an animal trainer on set, right? Are all the actors professional stuntmen? What office space would permit a production to blowout glass windows and splatter walls with blood? What’s practical and what’s done in post? Did that little boy’s parents approve?

Clearly this baby is a major visual achievement with a sky-high production value, but what makes the video for “Bad Motherf***er” further stand out is that it’s got a story and actually manages to make the viewer feel connected to the main character - something many feature length found footage films fail to achieve.

The “Bad Motherf***er” music video actually would have made for an excellent entry in The ABC's of Death.

Can we campaign for Naishuller to snag a spot in the VHS lineup - should we get a third installment? All this music video would need is reason for the lead to be recording the experience and a little more meat to the whole time travel device scenario and we’d have a solid 15-minute short on our hands.


Source: Biting Elbows [via Bloody Disgusting]

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