Bitch Slap: Grindhouse Done Right?

I'll just start right off and say that Bitch Slap (yes, that's really the title) isn't the sort of movie we usually cover here at Screen Rant - but then again I did review the double feature Grindhouse, half of which was a blast (Robert Rodriguez' Planet Terror) and half of which was one of the most awful, terrible movie experiences I've ever had the displeasure to sit through (Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof).

I can enjoy a guilty pleasure like anyone else, evidenced by the fact that I thought Planet Terror was a blast. And this flick falls in the same category. On the other hand Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof was torture to sit through, with unending minutes of painful, unending, trailer-park-chick-version of Oprah dialog.

Hopefully this film will be more like Rodriguez' film than Tarantino's.

I had the pleasure of meeting the three leading ladies of the film at the San Diego Comic-Con and to my surprise they were not only gorgeous but intelligent and well-spoken when it came to discussing the film.

I understand that those involved are still shopping around for the best distribution deal. The film was originally slated to open later this year but now they're targeting an early 2009 release.

Here's a picture from the Con:

Me (on the right) w/Erin Cummings, America Olivo, & Julia Voth of Bitch Slap(who cares who the other guys are)

Here's the official synopsis:

"At its core, 'Bitch Slap' follows three bad girls (a down-and-out stripper, a drug-running killer and a corporate powerbroker) as they arrive at a remote desert hideaway to extort and steal $200 Million in diamonds from a ruthless underworld kingpin. Things quickly spin out of control as allegiances change, truths are revealed, other criminals arrive for the score, the fate of the world hangs in the balance and they are forced to confront a villain much worse than they ever expected… themselves. It’s the ultimate morality tale as, one by one, they realize the whole she-bang was a set-up and one of them may not even be human..."

And there's no misdirection regarding the intent of the film:

"'Bitch Slap' is a post-modern, thinking man’s throwback to the 'B' Movie/Exploitation films of the 1950’s - 70’s as well as a loving, sly parody of the same. Inspired by the likes of 'Dragstrip Girls,' 'Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill,' Kung Fu Nun' and the pantheon of Blacksploitation films, 'Bitch Slap' will mix girls, guns, outrageous action and jaw-dropping visuals with a message… don’t be naughty!"

This movie looks like it's all about hot women with low cut tops in control. If you want to see the trailer, which is semi-safe for work you can watch it here, and has the character posters. There is also a behind the scenes video. What we have for you are some exclusive pictures from the shooting of the film. :-)

Camero and Gage


Hel and Trixie


Once again, Hel

"Hercules" reunion

Michael Hurst in a green screen shot

Another green screen scene being shot

There's a bit of a "Hercules" and "Xena" reunion on this film as the writers have worked on both series plus both Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless are in the film.

Believe it or not, it's tough to strike the right balance with this sort of film - it can be bad in a good way or just plain bad (*cough* Death Proof *cough*). I hope it turns out to be the former and not the latter.

Official website:

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