George Nolfi to Direct Bruce Lee Biopic 'Birth of the Dragon'

George Nolfi to direct Bruce Lee biopic

During his short life, Bruce Lee made an indelible impact on the world through his unique philosophy, unparalleled martial arts skills, and ass-kicking movies. In fact, Lee is such an icon that Hollywood is continuing to tell his story today, more than 40 years after his death.

Lee's life was first recounted in the 1993 biopic, Dragon: The Bruce Lee story. Now his story will again appear on the big screen in a much more unconventional biopic, Birth of the Dragon.

According to Variety, George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau) has signed on to direct the project, which has been described as an 'origin story' of sorts. The almost comic book-style description is apt, since the film is only partially based on Lee's real life.

Quoting from the article:

The film is inspired by the true story of Bruce Lee’s historic 1965 duel with Wong Jack Man, China’s most famous kung fu master at a time when San Francisco’s Chinatown was controlled by Hong Kong Triads. The story of the match is told from the perspective of Steve Macklin, a young disciple of Lee, who ultimately joins forces with Lee and Wong to battle a vicious band of Chinatown gangsters.

The fight between Lee and Wong Jack Man was real, while the latter battle with the Triads is completely fabricated. This wouldn't be the first time that actual historical figures were incorporated into fictional stories, though it doesn't happen often.

Bruce Lee Biopic Birth of the Dragon

As a screenwriter, Nolfi boasts some major action movie credits including The Bourne Ultimatum and the recent Fast and Furious clone Need for Speed. On the directing side, Nolfi doesn't have as many credits with his only feature being The Adjustment Bureau. However, he's also in discussion to direct the thriller XOXO from Darren Aronofsky.

That doesn't make him a bad choice to lead Birth of the Dragon, though, which sounds as if it could be a very fun and exciting action movie. The real sticking point is the cast. Stepping into the shoes of Bruce Lee won't be easy for whomever is cast, but it will be fun to see them try.

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Source: Variety

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