Birds of Prey Costume Teaser Breakdown: 12 Character Reveals & Secrets

Cassandra Cain Harley Quinn and Huntress in Birds of Prey

A new teaser trailer for Birds of Prey has offered up the first full view of the core cast of the upcoming superhero movie. The brief video rapidly showcases the film's heroes and villains, and it seems like not all of the characters are in their most familiar forms from the comics.

First seeing life as a series of one-shot comics focused on the partnership between the heroines Black Canary and Oracle, the first Birds of Prey monthly series was published by DC Comics in 1999. Most comic fans agree the series did not truly take off, however, until 2003 when writer Gail Simone revamped the book and expanded the team to include Lady Blackhawk and Huntress, with a rotating team of DC Comics' superheroines joining the action as needed. The upcoming film, Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) will be altering the team's origins somewhat for the DCEU, with Harley gathering a group of the same heroes to protect a young girl named Cassandra Cain.

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The following breakdown will go through the Birds of Prey trailer, second by second, and explain all the hidden little Easter Eggs. The characters pictured will be identified and their backstories from the comics explained. There will also be a few theories as to what to expect from the upcoming movie.

12. Harley Quinn's Mallet Is Back In Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn and her mallet in Birds of Prey

The trailer opens with an ankle-high glimpse of a woman we presume is Harley Quinn, based on her choice of sparkly red and purple socks and the fact that she's wielding Harley's weapon of choice - a large mallet. The colorful weapon looks like a traditional clown hammer but there's no padding in the head of this prop. This mallet is quite real and Harley can effectively bash in the brains of anyone who gets in her way with it.

11. Huntress's Crossbow (And Cloak) In Birds of Prey

Huntress and Crossbow in Birds of Prey

The next shot in the Birds of Prey teaser reveals a woman in a long dark coat holding a crossbow. This is Helena Bertinelli, aka The Huntress, who will be played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The last surviving daughter of one the five families that made up Gotham City's Mafia, Helena devoted her life to bringing down the mobsters who killed her family and waging a war on criminals in general. While one might think this would make her a firm ally of Batman, who also lost his family to crime, he considers Huntress to be little better than the criminals she hunts, as Bertinelli had no qualms about killing her prey.

10. Black Canary's Drinking Is In Birds Of Prey

Black Canary Drinking in Birds of Prey

The next shot of the Birds of Prey costume test shows a woman in silhouette, chugging from a liquor bottle. While it is unclear who this is from the image, the order of the scenes suggest that it might be Black Canary. In the comics, Black Canary has a reputation for being a hard-drinking riot grrrl and this image would fit her personality in the Rebirth era of DC Comics. The light silhouetting her also seems to be coming from a spotlight, alluding that she's on a stage, which would again fit Black Canary's rock star background in the current comics.

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9. Cassandra Cain Has A Cast In Birds of Prey

Cassandra Cain Arm in Birds of Prey

The next scene shows a close-up of a cast on a young girl's arm, which has been decorated with a number of playing card designs as well as a number of colorful profanities. The shot doesn't make clear who the cast belongs to at this point, but we will later see that it is on the arm of Cassandra Cain.

8. Harley Quinn As Bat Girl?

Harley Quinn with bat in Birds of Prey

The following Birds of Prey scene shows a woman clutching a baseball bat. We don't see the woman's face, but this is the same baseball bat that Harley Quinn wielded in Suicide Squad - a fact that is not immediately obvious, as the side we can see shows a series of random scribbling rather than the words "GOOD NIGHT." As such, it could be Harley Quinn, although she's wearing yellow and purple and has a distinctive golden belt. Given that purple and yellow are the traditional costume colors of Batgirl, could this be Harley's attempt at becoming a new Bat-Girl... complete with her own bat?

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