Birds of Prey Working Title Revealed, Early 2019 Filming Start Confirmed


It appears that the highly anticipated Birds of Prey movie is finally moving forward, with a working title and filming start having been set for the film to officially start production. First seeing life as a series of comic book specials before becoming a monthly series in 1999, Birds Of Prey centered upon a partnership between superheroines Barbara Gordon (aka Oracle) and Dinah Lance (aka Black Canary). With the wheelchair-bound Oracle acting as the brains and master martial artist Black Canary the brawn, the two tackled those missions that fell beneath the notice of the superhero orthodoxy.

Later, under the pen of writer Gail Simone, their team would expand to include the Huntress and Lady Blackhawk and eventually encompassed a rotating group of DC Comics' heroines. Warner Bros. has been developing a Birds of Prey movie starring Suicide Squad standout Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn for some time. Now, the movie takes a major step forward.

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PursueNews reported upon the announcement of the shooting date being set, as well as the working title utilized at Warner Bros. during the early stages of Birds of Prey's development. The movie is scheduled to begin shooting on January 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, and was referred to in studio documents as Fox Force Five.

Fox Force Five was the name of a fictional television show that never made it past the production of its pilot in the movie Pulp Fiction. Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) mentions the show in one scene while discussing her brief flirtation with acting and how she had played one of the titular five - an all-female group of secret agents, each with their own specialty, similar to Charlie's Angels. She describes the Fox Force Five as being made up of her character (a carnival knife-thrower named Raven McCoy) a blonde leader, a French seductress, an African-American demolitions expert and a Japanese martial arts master.

The connection is immediately obvious, even to those who aren't avid fans of the original comics. The membership of the team has been as notably diverse as the Fox Force Five over the years, employing a number of specialists with Black Canary (a blonde) most frequently acting as the team's field leader. This also ties into early reports that the movie would be centering around a team of five heroines, made up of Harley Quinn, Black Canary, Huntress, the Cassandra Cain Batgirl and Rene Montoya, who took up the identity of The Question in the comics after years as a police detective in Gotham City.

While this news doesn't tell Birds of Prey fans much more than they already knew, it does speak well of the creative team behind the movie that they used such a clever and fitting reference as a working title. If nothing else, this news is sure to lift fans' spirits now that the long-awaited movie is finally moving forward and due to start shooting soon. More, this means that an official announcement regarding the movie's cast of characters and what actors will be playing them cannot be too far off.

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Source: PursueNews

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