Birds of Prey Teaser Breakdown: 10 Reveals From The Theater-Only Trailer

Here are the biggest reveals from the first teaser trailer for Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). Following her breakout status after 2016's Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie finally is returning to the screen as Harley Quinn. Warner Bros. and DC Films developed several different potential films for Robbie to star in, but it was Birds of Prey that she took a particular interest in and pushed to make.

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The movie is directed by Cathy Yan based on a script by Christina Hodson and will make Harley the central character. However, it will introduce several other notable DC characters along the way. Surprisingly, fans have already received a quick look at most of them through an early piece of marketing. WB and DC kicked off production on Birds of Prey with a short video highlighting the looks of the different cast members.

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Other than that video and some set photos though, the marketing campaign for Birds of Prey is only just now beginning. Now, with its February 2020 release date closing in, the first teaser trailer has released. Unfortunately, not only is the teaser incredibly short - running only about 40 seconds - it's only available to see in theaters and won't be released online. Since not everyone may go see IT Chapter Two in theaters, here's everything that the Birds of Prey teaser revealed.

WB/DC Get An IT-Themed Intro

From the very beginning of the Birds of Prey teaser, viewers may be confused over what WB property this trailer is for. One red balloon appears and then two pop up together before a whole bunch of them cover the screen. The red balloons have become a staple of WB's horror franchise IT and the visual parallels are clear. If they weren't, then the use of the creepy IT theme music as the logos roll make it even more clear. Viewers may at first think this is a surprise trailer for another IT movie before the DC logo is shown, and that may continue as what appears to be the silhouette of Pennywise lurks in the background.

Harley Is Over Clowns

As the Birds of Prey trailer continues to unfold though, DC fans will be pleased to see that it is Harley Quinn - and not Pennywise - who fully emerges on the screen. She smashes two of the red balloons with her big mallet and declares that "I'm so f****** over clowns." This is a clever play on the IT themed start of the trailer but is a direct callout to Harley moving on from the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker. Despite being freed from Belle Reve prison by Joker at the end of Suicide Squad, Harley has moved on. She's crossed his name off of her tattooed body based on set photos. All of this plays into her emancipation from him, hence the movie's ridiculous subtitle.

Huntress In Action

The first new cast member to make into the Birds of Prey trailer is Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Huntress. The daughter of a mafia family has turned to the vigilante lifestyle. It appears to be her on the motorcycle weaving through traffic, and the best look at Huntress comes when she takes off her hoodie. But, then cutting to her in action, the teaser gives us just a glimpse of her firing her crossbow. This kicks off a series of title cards that read "Prey for Gotham," which further confirms the film's setting in Batman's city.

Black Canary Alleyway Fight

The Birds of Prey trailer then introduces us to Black Canary, played by Jurnee Smollett-Bell. She's shown walking through an alley and taking a peek at what is behind her. The teaser cuts to her kicking some guy in the middle of his chest. It is unclear if Canary returns to kick his butt after an initial encounter, or if the previous shot actually comes after the fight sequence and is her admiring her own work. Either way, Canary quickly makes an impact, even without the use of her Canary Cry.

Canary Sings For Black Mask

That's not all the Birds of Prey trailer shows of Canary though, as she puts her vocals to use for entertainment purposes instead. After the first glimpse of Ewan McGregor as Roman Sionis aka Black Mask, another shot of him includes Canary singing on stage. She's clearly performing for the people at this decadent club that is covered in gold. Considering the giant statues of black hands and Roman's enjoyment of the music, this could even be his club that she's performing in.

Cassandra Cain Hides During A Fight

The trailer then quickly teases the inclusion of Ella Jay Basco as Cassandra Cain. A deadly assassin in the pages of DC Comics, Birds of Prey may be taking a different approach to her. She is not expected to be Batgirl or dawn any other superhero title during the movie, with rumors instead teasing that she is central to the plot and the female heroes are going to protect her. Cassandra is hiding as some action happens nearby, and the trailer then looks to reveal who is responsible.

Harley & Canary Take On Goons

Based on the objects and action happening near Cassandra, the next few shots appear to confirm that Harley is the one who is protecting her. Harley is standing in the middle of a room when someone draws a knife on her. The trailer then cuts to her throwing her mallet towards an oncoming masked goon (possibly one of Black Mask's guys) and knocking him out. But, it also appears that Black Canary is fighting with Harley in this sequence too. Someone ducks out of the way of the flying mallet and based on the brunette with blonde highlights hairstyle, that looks to be Canary. Maybe this is their first time working together and the start of their Birds of Prey team.

Renee Montoya Gets Involved

The last major cast member to appear in the trailer is Rosie Perez as Renee Montoya. The Gotham detective has become the vigilante the Question in DC Comics, and she appears to be well on her way to that status in Birds of Prey. She's first seen standing side-by-side with Black Canary and Huntress, and then we see a brief shot of Renee fighting. She punches someone with bloody results, possibly as a result of her brass knuckles.

Huntress' Mask Revealed?

The team-up shot of Renee Montoya, Black Canary, and Huntress in the Birds of Prey trailer may also reveal an exciting revelation for comic book fans. It isn't the cleanest look, but Huntress does appear to be wearing a variation of her comic book mask. It is difficult to tell how comic book accurate the mask is, but the important thing here is that she's wearing one at all. And regardless of how it looks, this could just be the first iteration of her mask for all we know.

Harley's Hyenas Confirmed

The last shot of the Birds of Prey teaser is Harley riding in a car eating, but it will be what is next to Harley that is important. There are two animals with collars sitting next to her as she travels, which is an obvious tease that Harley's pet hyenas will be included in the film. Their names are Bud and Lou and are incredibly loyal to Harley's commands. Now that they're set to be seen in Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), fans will undoubtedly be left wondering if they will get in on the action in some way.

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