Birds of Prey Movie Might Get New Title, Adds Venom Cinematographer

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Margot Robbie's Birds of Prey has added Venom and A Star Is Born's cinematographer, but its title could change. Warner Bros. is gearing up to bring Robbie's standout turn as Harley Quinn back to the big screen. Other spinoffs and sequels fell in favor of the direction of the all-female girl gang style story Birds of Prey will have. After bringing Cathy Yan on board to direct, the movie has continued to move through pre-production at the necessary pace to start filming early next year.

In order to do so, Birds of Prey has been locking in cast members and filling production crew roles. A major step was taken when Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jurnee Smollett-Bell joined as Huntress and Black Canary. The film now has found its cinematographer, and he's confirmed that a new title is likely coming.

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Matthew Libatique spoke to GMA News as he is fresh off working on Venom and A Star Is Born, and he revealed that he's set serve the same role on Birds of Prey. He went on to express his excitement for the project and the crew that is assembled, while also teasing what the movie will be about. In addition to that, he helped clarify Birds of Prey's title status, which could change:

"I'm in preparation on a film currently called Birds of Prey. It's probably going to have a different title. It’s with Warner Brothers, and the director is Cathy Yan. Who directed a film called Dead Pigs which is a Chinese film.  I'm excited.  It's, in the superheroes genre but this time it's in the DC universe, not the Marvel universe. Margot Robbie is set to star and I'm excited for that. And then it has a little bit of origin story in it, so it makes it intriguing and it's very early though, so early discussions."

Libatique's body of work speaks for itself, so him joining Birds of Prey all but guarantees it will look fantastic at the very least. He was nominated by the Academy for his work on Black Swan but has been a frequent collaborator of Darren Aronofsky, as he also was the director of photography on mother!Requiem for a DreamPi, and The Fountain. While he just did Venom, Libatique also worked on Iron Man and Iron Man 2, so he's no stranger to the superhero movie genre.

As for Birds of Prey's possible new title, this is something that was previously thought to be possible when WB gave it an official 2020 release date. There's still no word on what the actual title of the movie will be, but it would make sense that Harley Quinn will be in the title. After all, Robbie's anti-hero is the known commodity for audiences and the lead by default. Should the title eventually be revealed to be something like Harley Quinn & Birds of Prey, it'd set up a future for more installments without Harley, while still capitalizing on her name at first. Audiences will have to see exactly what WB decides to call Birds of Prey, but the title will hardly be as important to the film's success if it can continue to assemble talent in front of and behind the camera.

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Source: GMA News

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