Birds Of Prey Movie Officially Gets February 2020 Release Date

Warner Bros. and DC's Birds of Prey movie starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn receives an official early 2020 release date.

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey gets a release date, hitting theaters early 2020. Warner Bros. and DC are investing heavily in Margot Robbie's version of Harley Quinn. She broke out in Suicide Squad and fans have been dying to see her appear again ever since. However, it wasn't entirely clear when that would be or what project would get her next. Gotham City SirensSuicide Squad 2, and Joker vs Harley Quinn were in consideration, but Birds of Prey ultimately won out. WB brought Cathy Yan on board to direct and has kicked the project's development into high gear.

Production on Birds of Prey will reportedly begin early next year, which has made many fans wonder when exactly it will be in theaters. Prior to filming beginning, some other steps must be taken, and it looks like casting will come next - as actresses are testing for Black Canary and Huntress. No decision has been made, but we know when they'll all team up.

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The Wrap shared that Warner Bros. officially gave Birds of Prey a release date of February 7, 2020, although Birds of Prey is not the official title. This will make it the first DC movie to come out the gate in 2020 and will also be available in IMAX. The February placement will make Birds of Prey the latest blockbuster looking to capitalize on low competition in that month. Now that the release date is set, it may not be too much longer before WB is ready to officially announce other aspects of the film.


With Birds of Prey looking to be the next DC movie to enter production, an early 2020 release date was to be expected. That said, the exact date may be a slight surprise to those who've followed Warner Bros.' strategic placeholder announcements in the past. They previously dated February 14, 2020 as a spot for an unannounced DC movie. Birds of Prey will arrive the week prior, and likely because Bond 25 was just delayed to the date both DC and Disney previously staked out. By the looks of 2020's early release schedule, this should be one of the year's first major blockbusters.

As for the title not being confirmed as Birds of Prey, it shouldn't be that significant of a change. From WB's perspective, the main goal of the official title may be to include Harley Quinn's name. Something along the lines of Harley Quinn & Birds of Prey could wind up being the actual title. Whatever the official title will be, at least we now know when the movie is going to hit theaters. Who stars around Robbie still remains a mystery (for now), but with this early of a starting point, DC could be looking to pump out three more movies throughout 2020 - and Birds of Prey will be kicking them off.

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Source: The Wrap

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