Harley Quinn Will Have a New Costume in Birds of Prey Movie

Margot Robbie will look different the next time she plays Harley Quinn, with Birds of Prey set to debut a new costume. One of the best parts of Suicide Squad was Robbie's portrayal of Dr. Harleen Quinzel. She was able to bring out all of Harley's crazy, while still giving her enough personality to make her a likable anti-hero. The overwhelmingly positive response to her put Warner Bros. in the position of developing numerous films that could possibly star their latest breakout. The sometimes hectic looking DC development process appears to have settled down, and will make Birds of Prey her next starring vehicle.

The project has picked up steam ever since it was revealed that Cathy Yan will direct. Robbie is the only attached star right now, but whoever is cast as Batgirl is confirmed to appear too. WB is undoubtedly thrilled to be making progress on Robbie's next appearance, as the portrayal also translated to massive popularity for Harley Quinn in toys, and especially for Halloween costumes.

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Those who cosplayed as Margot's version of Harley will need to make some adjustments though. In an interview with Yahoo, Robbie confirmed that Birds of Prey will debut a brand new Harley Quinn costume. She couldn't share any details on the new look, and for good reason, but there's a chance that a few different costumes will be utilized.

No, honestly [it’s] because the costumes haven’t been designed yet but yes she’ll have new looks.

Even though Margot Robbie's portrayal is synonymous with the fishnet leggings and "Daddy's Lil Monster" t-shirt look, she has already worn another costume. A brief flashback scene featured her in her original black and red jester costume. That suit doesn't translate itself very well to the big screen, and especially with action scenes, so it is unlikely that it will be one of the new looks Margot gets in Birds of Prey.

Whatever changes Harley's costume receives in this film, it will be interesting to see if they borrow elements from the comics. They could veer back towards a black and red color set for the costume, maybe even making it a bit more practical and comfortable for Robbie. She is one of the DCEU's biggest stars at this point and she has a major role in the development of these projects, especially Birds of Prey. Her influence should go a long way in determining how Harley looks next. Whether this was entirely her decision or one sent down from Warner Bros. and DC to allow them the opportunity to sell more merchandise remains to be seen, but it's hopefully both. Either way, her look will be one of many things to keep an eye on once Birds of Prey starts production.

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Birds of Prey is currently in development but does not have a release date.

Source: Yahoo

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