Jared Leto Won't Confirm (Or Deny) A Joker Cameo in Birds of Prey

Jared Leto remains evasive in regard to whether or not his Joker will appear in the upcoming Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). The actor portrayed the Clown Prince of Crime opposite Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad back in 2016. Some have speculated that he will cameo in the upcoming film, but Leto refuses to confirm or deny an onscreen reunion with Robbie.

There has been reason to suspect that Leto would return to the DCEU. On-set photos from Birds of Prey revealed what seemed to be a breakup scene between Harley and someone who looks an awful lot like Leto’s Joker. However, despite the similarities in appearance, the person in the images was obviously a stand-in. The Oscar-winning actor was in Europe at the time, working on Sony’s Morbius movie, which he is starring in. Aside from that, Leto wasn’t featured in the trailer and his name isn’t listed in the credits for the film. Although, he did tease fans with a snapchat image of a clown emoji, alluding to the character’s possible return.

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Leto told Variety, “I would definitely play the Joker again. It all depends on the script and the circumstances as it always does.” When asked if he appears in Birds of Prey, the actor stated, “I don’t think so. You’d have to ask them,” but then followed up with, “Well, we’ll see.” While Leto's desire to return to the role is clear, this is hardly a definitive answer on the question of a cameo.

There has been a fair amount of upheaval in the DCEU as of late, leaving the future of many projects uncertain. Ben Affleck hung up Batman’s cape and cowl, and the standalone Joker is set for release later this year, but with Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role. As for Leto, his part in Morbius likely leaves little time for a Birds of Prey cameo. Plus, his iteration of the Dark Knight’s villain wasn’t exactly well received. All of this led many to believe that Leto would no longer be wearing the Joker’s trademark makeup, despite earlier reports that he would reprise the role.

If Leto does have a cameo in the film, it might not be to continue his role in the DCEU. The appearance could simply end his brief tenure as the Clown Prince of Crime. Birds of Prey’s overlong title does suggest that Harley extricates herself from her toxic relationship with Joker. This would make sense, considering Robbie’s portrayal of the classic character was a bright spot in an otherwise forgettable film. It’s been clear from the beginning that Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) would be as female-centric as the comics the movie took its name from. So, even if Leto does return, it’s likely that it wouldn’t be for very long. Of course, it’s also possible that the obscured image is the only real hint of Joker in the movie. Either way, Leto isn’t telling.

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Source: Variety

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