Arrow Star Has Pitched Birds Of Prey As The Next Arrowverse Spinoff

Arrow star Katie Cassidy Rodgers has pitched a Birds of Prey show to The CW. Big things are going to happen in the Arrowverse soon due to Crisis on Infinite Earths, the end of Arrow, and even the debut of an untitled show set in the same universe.

In many ways, the Arrowverse successfully created a connected universe of superheros. The Flash spun out of Arrow, and became one of the most popular comic book shows on television. DC's Legends of Tomorrow grabbed a bunch of supporting characters from the two shows. Meanwhile, Supergirl has made a few crossover appearances. Now, Batwoman is arriving in her own show just as Arrow comes to a conclusion. Fans are speculating what the other Arrowverse show will be. Will it star an already established character, or be the start of a whole new property? Some fans are asking for a Birds of Prey show, as well as one Arrow star.

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Katie Cassidy Rodgers, who's portrayed Laurel Lance throughout Arrow, has pitched a Birds of Prey show (via Newsarama) to The CW. "I’ve pitched it," she said. "I think they should. It’s time for women. Come on, we’ve got this." Meanwhile, the actress is also busy with directing duties for the first time on Arrow, where she serves as director of season 8, episode 3.

Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance

Although the Birds of Prey isn't an actual team on Arrow, the concept has been hinted at. There was a season 2 episode titled, "Birds of Prey," which featured Sara Lance and Huntress. Most recently, the season 7 episode, "Lost Canary" had something of a nod to the comic book team. After Shadow Thief's defeat, Felicity, Sara, Laurel and Dinah all walk together side-by-side. After Sara states they all work well together, Felicity says, "Yeah, like Birds of Justice." Sara then replies, "Something like that."

Although many fans would welcome a Birds of Prey show, it doesn't seem too likely, because Warner Bros. is releasing Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) in theaters next year. Warner Bros. seems to like keeping its cinematic characters separate from TV appearances, which is likely why Harley Quinn couldn't appear in Arrow, despite being teased in season 2 during the debut of the show's version of the Suicide Squad. However, this hasn't applied to every character. Time will tell if the Birds of Prey will officially join the Arrowverse in some form. In the meantime, the speculation will continue of what the mysterious new Arrowverse show will be.

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Source: Newsarama

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