Bird Box Honest Trailer Asks What If A Quiet Place Was Bad?

The latest Honest Trailers takes aim at Netflix's horror hit Bird Box. The horror genre had a great run last year, with the likes of HereditaryHalloween and many others being critical and commercial hits. Bird Box arrived in December last year, and became an unexpected word of mouth success, quickly becoming one of Netflix’s most-watched original films. The story finds a group of people trying to survive in a world filled with creatures that, if seen by victims, induce suicide.

Bird Box is split between two timelines, with one taking place just after the world goes to hell, and another jumping forward 5 years. The concept of the film quickly drew comparisons to A Quiet Place, which focused on a family trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic environment filled with nearly unkillable creatures that hunt by sound. Unlike A Quiet Place, however, Bird Box never once reveals what the monsters look like. A nightmare sequence was shot where Sandra Bullock imagines a baby-faced creature, but ultimately cut since the filmmakers felt it looked too silly.

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While Bird Box has been an undeniable hit for Netflix, its critical reception was mixed. That’s why the Honest Trailer for the film doesn’t mince words, straight up labeling the film mediocre, but held together by Sandra Bullock’s lead performance. The trailer also looks at the movie’s habit of punishing characters for heroic deeds and the pondering the amount of emotional trauma Bullock’s tough love parenting is inflicting on her children.

The success of the film has led to talk of a sequel, with director Susanne Bier refusing to rule out the possibility. The filmmakers might have trouble convincing Sandra Bullock to return, however. The actress previously returned for Speed 2: Cruise Control and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous, and her bad experiences with both have led her to avoid sequels in general. That’s why a follow-up to The Heat never happened. That said, maybe a strong script for Bird Box 2 could convince her otherwise.

A Quiet Place director John Krasinski is currently working on a sequel to his horror hit, which he initially felt shouldn’t happen. While plot details have yet to be confirmed, it appears A Quiet Place 2 won’t focus on the family from the original and will instead explore the world in greater detail. While a Bird Box sequel has yet to be confirmed, it feels like the movie was too much of a hit for Netflix not to at least explore the idea.

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