BioWare Teases Dragon Age Update Soon With Letter from Solas

BioWare might be teasing details for the next Dragon Age by way of a cheeky letter in a tweet starring an elven fan-favorite from Inquisition.

Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises

The official BioWare Twitter account went ahead and lit the torches for the brand new Dragon Age, potentially teasing an update with a tongue-in-cheek tweet. Dragon Age: Inquisition released five years ago today, and BioWare's leading the way for fans to celebrate the storied franchise.

The original Dragon Age: Origins sort of surprised fans of western RPGs when it launched back in 2009. The franchise kicked off with a success that came out of nowhere, and it quickly became one the most beloved in the genre. The sequel, Dragon Age 2, dropped in 2011 and was a touch divisive in its reception. Fans praised the game's combat, but the story was significantly less engaging than the one delivered in OriginsDragon Age: Inquisition, however, righted the ship in 2014. The title re-established Dragon Age as one of the best in the western RPG genre, and fans were delighted.

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That delight is probably why BioWare might be using Dragon Age: Inquisition to tease news for Dragon Age 4, which might be called The Dread Wolf Rises, based on last year's Video Game Awards. In the tweet, as seen below, BioWare pens a fake letter from a character named Solas to the inquisitor in Inquisition. He marks the passage of five years since their adventures in 2014, and then asks, "Tea soon?" That last bit, given that Solas is known for hating tea, is part of what's fanning the flames regarding this tweet. Fans know not to trust a note from Solas that asks for tea. Surely, BioWare is up to something here. Where this franchise is concerned, there is a surplus of lore-based theories. Check out BioWare's tweet below:

It's worth noting that one of BioWare's most recent efforts was the ill-fated Mass Effect: Andromeda. The Mass Effect trilogy is easily among the biggest and best of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation. When Mass Effect: Andromeda dropped on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2017, it was supposed to usher the franchise into the new generation of consoles. Instead, it was a critical disaster and turned both diehard fans and newcomers off almost immediately.

The studio's other most recent effort? Anthem, a game that launched earlier this year with a ton of promise. It delivered pretty much nothing but disappointment, and BioWare might even be planning a complete overhaul of the title. That makes two effective failures in the last two years. BioWare is surely looking for redemption with their next title, and that means Dragon Age 4 needs to be a stellar effort to cement the studio's recovery. Fans might be a way off from seeing The Dread Wolf Rises come to fruition as a fourth Dragon Age, but at least hints like this mean they're nearing the occasion.

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