One Of BioWare's Veteran Producers Is Working On A Star Wars Game

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A former BioWare veteran has revealed that he will soon be working on a new Star Wars game. Blair Brown, who has spent six years at the acclaimed RPG developer, was involved in several major projects during his time at the studio. With credits including Dragon Age: Inquisition and the currently in-development Anthem, Brown most recently served as a producer.

However, after spending some serious time with the studio, Brown is moving on. The producer is jumping to an Electronic Arts stablemate, by making the move over to Respawn Entertainment. Respawn, a studio formed from former Call of Duty developers and best known for its multiplayer-focused shooter series Titanfall, is among the number of studios owned by the monolith that is EA, BioWare included.

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Rather than working on another Titanfall game, however, Brown is going to be working on Respawn's Star Wars game. The producer took to Twitter to confirm the news, announcing that he will be leaving BioWare next month, and will be joining Respawn in July to start work on the game. The game is apparently set to be a third-person title, although at the moment the studio is remaining quiet over the specifics.

Brown could certainly be a good fit for the studio, based on his time at BioWare. While Respawn's games so far have primarily been focused on the multiplayer angle - although the single player mode of Titanfall 2 certainly deserves a mention - Bioware has always prioritized storytelling within its own projects. If Brown is able to bring this method of development over to his new place of work, then the Respawn Star Wars game could make for a well-rounded experience.

EA will certainly be hoping that the Respawn project is able to be a success. So far, it's fair to say that the publisher's use of the Star Wars licence hasn't been particularly stellar, with the Star Wars: Battlefront games from DICE failing to live up to the hype and acting as one of the contributors to the loot box problem. Meanwhile, the closure of Visceral left another highly anticipated Star Wars game facing problems behind the scenes.

Exactly how Respawn fares remains to be seen, however. EA has gained a reputation for ruining established video game franchises, and some Star Wars fans have been concerned about the publisher's use of the property so far. Hopefully, those in-development projects help turn it around.

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