BioWare Teases The 'Next Great Mass Effect Game' For N7 Day

BioWare recently dropped a message to fans announcing it has plans to work on the next Mass Effect game, confirming the franchise is not as dead as some critics might believe. The company recently released the video message to fans in honor of N7 day.

The first Mass Effect game released in 2007 and took players to the unknown reaches of the galaxy, leading them on an adventure that allowed them to control how stories played out through dialogue choices and gameplay. The title was so popular that two more games followed, completing the original Mass Effect trilogy. Hoping lightning might strike again, BioWare released a fourth title, Mass Effect: Andromeda, that introduced a new cast of characters and story to players. However, many feel Andromeda was a massive failure for the franchise. Gameplay was fraught with bugs and issues, and the story seemed rushed and not well thought out. After the disappointing release of Andromeda, many fans believed the Mass Effect franchise was officially over.

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A new video message from BioWare, though, hints there are more Mass Effect titles in the company's future. The video, which celebrates N7 Day, features statements from fans and BioWare employees, including a comment about creating the "next great Mass Effect game." Watch the full video below.

N7 day is an annual unofficial holiday when Mass Effect fans come together to celebrate their appreciation for the franchise. The 2018 N7 video message highlights what N7 Day means to fans and BioWare employees, showing a video game franchise that has brought people together for over a decade.

Many fans believed the Mass Effect franchise died after the failure of Andromeda. Even a producer of the title admitted the game was "deeply flawed." Not only was it evident the game was hastily thrown together and released before it was ready, but compared to the previous trilogy, it just didn't measure up for either fans or critics. But the good news is the franchise will continue. The statement in the video backs up something BioWare stated previously: the developer still has plans for Mass Effect in the future. However, BioWare's current focus is on Anthem, the developer's upcoming MMORPG.

With this new indication that Mass Effect will undoubtedly return, fans can now hope BioWare takes the lessons it learned from its Andromeda mistakes and create something worthy of the original trilogy.

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Source: BioWare

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