Don't Worry, Dragon Age 4 Is Doing Fine

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BioWare's latest studio update confirmed Dragon Age 4 is still in development, something that, while never explicitly mentioned as being in danger, has been a concern of fans of the series due to the increasingly taxing situation involving AnthemAnthem's inability to gain traction as a major release had led many BioWare fans to worry that their favorite titles would be canceled, either in favor of pooling more resources into Anthem to try to make it work or because the game's lack of success would force BioWare and EA to make difficult decisions about on-going projects.

This isn't the first time BioWare has indicated it is committed to Dragon Age 4 - the studio acknowledge in late spring that the team was focusing on Dragon Age 4 but would also attempt to salvage Anthem. It's also not the first time that BioWare has made mention of the "Dread Wolf rising," an explicit reference to one of Dragon Age: Inquisition's most popular and mercurial characters in Solas. Although there are plenty of fan theories about what "The Dread Wolf Rises" might mean, it appears that the game is still a ways away from significant info being revealed about it.

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Apparently, though, BioWare's development of Dragon Age 4 is going smoothly, according to a new studio update released for September. In that post, BioWare GM Casey Hudson acknowledges that the studio has a lot of "big projects" in the works, and that one of them has a "large and grwoing team in Edmonton." To clarify just what game he's teasing, Hudson closes with a picture of developers hard at work and saying that he can "confirm that indeed the Dread Wolf rises."

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Hudson also announced that BioWare has moved locations. While the studio is still based out of Edmonton, they've re-located to a new three-floor studio that was custom-designed for "the future of game development." It's another encouraging sign for concerned BioWare fans who were speculating the studio might be facing a strict budget thanks to the lukewarm reception of Anthem. A brand new studio and a growing team working on Dragon Age 4, both confirmed by one of BioWare's most important public figures, does a lot to ease worry that Dragon Age 4's production might be hindered in any way.

With that cleared up, all that's left for fans is to actually get some more info about what to expect in Dragon Age 4. The game is pretty clearly angling itself as a sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition thanks to the nod to the Dread Wolf, although that doesn't necessarily mean it'll follow the same cast or even time period. The Dread Wolf's supernatural powers could easily give BioWare a lot of flexibility about where and when to tell the next chapter in the series, and fans won't know more until BioWare officially unveils extra details about Dragon Age 4 sometime in the future. For now, though, both game and studio appear to be surviving in spite of a rocky 2019 full of key departures.

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