• A new report details the canceled Dragon Age game from BioWare. 1 / 8

    Dragon Age 4 Mosaic Vertical
  • The game was scrapped in order to try to save Anthem. 2 / 8

    Dragon Age Inquisition Combat Undead Vertical
  • The game was much closer to BioWare's classics, which leads many to think... 3 / 8

    Dragon Age Inquisition Combat Vertical
  • ...pursuing the canceled Dragon Age game would have been a better call. 4 / 8

    Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon Vertical
  • BioWare could use a win, and the canceled game sounds perfect for the series' many fans. 5 / 8

    Dragon Age Inquisition Iron Bull Rain Vertical
  • Features included heists, narrative choice and consequence, and a tight story arc. 6 / 8

    Dragon Age Inquisition Table Vertical
  • Unfortunately, it will never be made. A new Dragon Age is in production, though. 7 / 8

    Dragon Age Pride Demon Vertical
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