What Does This Anthem Teaser Mean?

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With E3 only a few weeks away, video game developers have started taking to their social media accounts and leaving cryptic messages for fans about their upcoming titles. BioWare recently tweeted a mysterious message, presumably about its next title, Anthem, but there really is no way of knowing exactly what that message means.

There still isn't a lot of information about Anthem, although it is likely that BioWare will release more details, and perhaps even share more footage of gameplay, at its E3 press conference. It seems that players can expect something similar to Destiny: an action adventure RPG with an open and shared multiplayer world. Players will take on the role of "freelancers" and can choose one of two customizable mecha suits called Javelins. These suits are customizable with specific features and weapons unique to each. The setting seems based in science fiction, but BioWare still hasn't actually released very many details about the game's story or how players will interact with it.

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BioWare posted a tweet with a mysterious teaser hinting that there is probably a big Anthem reveal coming soon. Take a look:

But what does this tweet mean? It seems it's an encrypted message, perhaps teasing that although there are few details about Anthem, the company plans on "decoding" and sharing details about the title soon, possibly at EA's E3 press conference on June 9. The game has a potential release date of March, 2019, with BioWare promising that the title will set itself apart from any other game that has come before it. The company also shared that it has plans to keep the game going for at least 10 years.

Last year, BioWare released some footage of gameplay from Anthem, but it seems that the company's fans aren't as excited about the title as they normally are when the developer releases something new. Perhaps that's due to the disappointment many felt with the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, although EA, the publisher of Anthem, also has its share of critics, thanks to the microtransactions policies of Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

In spite of those hiccups, though, BioWare has a solid reputation of putting out good story-driven games, which is possibly enough to get players more enthusiastic once they actually learn more about Anthem. With that being said, though, there are still plenty of BioWare fans who would probably prefer a return to more familiar titles, such as Dragon Age.

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