Anthem's Game Map Size Revealed and Confirmed By BioWare

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The game map size for BioWare's upcoming multiplayer RPG Anthem has been confirmed by the developers, along with new details on how dying and respawning will work. The game map was actually revealed in footage shown at E3 2018, but we now have confirmation that the portion of the map that we saw (which was slightly cut off) is more or less the whole thing.

Given that BioWare is best known for single-player RPGs, like the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises, gamers have been eyeing Anthem with a mix of skepticism and intrigue. In addition to offering both multiplayer gameplay alongside the single-player elements, Anthem will also do away with game elements that BioWare fans have grown used to seeing, such as romance options and dialogue wheels.

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In response to a Reddit thread asking whether the game map shown at E3 is the full map size, creative director Brenon Holmes confirmed that it represents about 90% of the map, noting that "there's a bit missing at the top and bottom in this screen-grab though." While the map might not look that big to players who are used to exploring sprawling open-world games, another poster noted that "you can't think the map in Anthem as a flat surface with no depth in it like most traditional maps," comparing it to a skyscraper. With enticing location names like Emerald Abyss and Fortress of Dawn, it's safe to say that there will be a lot of ground (and height) for players to explore.

In a different Reddit thread, lead producer Ben Irving explained that downed players will have an opportunity to be revived by their teammates before dying, writing, "When you lose all your health you go into a downed state. Other players can revive you. If no one revives you then you end up at a resupply/spawn point." The good news is that there's no danger of friendly fire in the game, and players also can't cause damage to themselves (for example, by setting themselves on fire or freezing themselves), which at least rules out two very embarrassing ways of dying.

Player characters in Anthem wear exosuits called Javelins, which can be customized and upgraded, and come in different classes to suit varying combat styles. The Javelins also allow players to both fly through the air and swim underwater, creating the aforementioned element of verticality within the game map.

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Anthem will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on February 22, 2019.

Source: Reddit (via Gaming Bolt)

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