BioWare Explains Anthem's Endgame

Anthem Endgame

BioWare released some details about what Anthem players can expect once they finish the main story of the game. The studio began working on the MMORPG in 2012. The concept of the game is that players take on the role of Freelancers, who live in a constantly evolving world, thanks to events known as Shaper Storms.

In Anthem, Freelancers equip themselves with javelins, powerful exosuits that give them superhuman abilities and weapons. The idea is to explore the ever-changing landscape of the world while fighting off the savage beasts that inhabit the land. Although the game features a single-player mode, the game's focus is on co-op gameplay that allows up to four squad members per team. BioWare released details about the game's main story in 2018, revealing that Anthem is set in a world the gods left unfinished, with tools of creation still out there somewhere. One of those tools, the Anthem of Creation, is particularly powerful: Freelancers must fight an evil group known as the Dominion to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

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But what happens after a player completes the main story of Anthem? BioWare recently released a video that explains the end of the game is just the beginning. Once players finish the main story, they will be able to play the title at harder difficulty levels, as well as complete Contracts, including the much more difficult Legendary Contracts. There are daily, weekly and monthly challenges, as well as attempts to defeat Strongholds and participate in world events called Cataclysms. Eventually, Anthem will also get additional story content.

At first glance, this doesn't seem to give players a lot to do once they finish the primary campaign. There are only three strongholds to replay at that point, and additional exploration will mean going back to parts of the game map previously visited. In comparison, Tom Clancy's The Division 2 will add an entire faction at the end of its story, as well as release free DLC throughout the year, opening up more possibilities for gameplay. Although BioWare did recently announce that Anthem would have social hubs for players to connect with others, post-campaign gameplay will be dependent on how quickly and regularly the studio releases new content for the game.

Anthem is an incredibly ambitious project for BioWare, although its future success doesn't hinge on how well the MMORPG does. However, one of the biggest complaints from players about multiplayer games concern how those games lose their interest after they finish the main campaign. With BioWare's strong storytelling reputation prevalent in the minds of gamers, it will have to go above and beyond to keep Anthem players entertained.

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