BioWare Addressing Mass Effect: Andromeda Feedback Next Week

It's been a little over a week since Mass Effect: Andromeda hit shelves, and many fans have already eagerly begun their campaigns as one of the Ryder twins. The game, which follows either Scott or Sara Ryder as they help search for a new home for humanity in the Andromeda galaxy, acts as a follow-up to the popular Mass Effect franchise.

Unfortunately for fans, the game has gotten some underwhelming reviews in these early post-release days. Not only are fans unimpressed with aspects of the game's story, BioWare has faced widespread criticism for the game's lackluster animation. The game has also drawn some backlash from gay fans for its meh same-sex love scenes (in comparison to well-done heterosexual ones), as well as the character design for Cora, a straight character styled like a butch lesbian.

Amidst these multiple controversies, BioWare has decided to step up and respond to criticism. According to a post from the company's Twitter, they are planning to "share more of [their] immediate plans" with fans on Tuesday, April 4. The tweet did not give details as to when or how the company will make its announcement. You can check out the tweet for yourself, below:

A message from the @masseffect Andromeda team:

— BioWare (@bioware) March 30, 2017

Most major gaming sites have given Mass Effect: Andromeda an average rating of 7/10, with PC Gamer offering the title 80/100 and IGN awarding it 7.7/10. Those aren't exactly miserable scores, all things considered, but BioWare had a lot of hearts to win back after the disastrous ending to Mass Effect 3. After many fans were let down by the final game in the original Mass Effect trilogy, it was tough to wait five years for Andromeda's release. That long wait has likely added to fans' chagrin upon finally playing the game.

No matter the reason for this backlash, it's definitely happening, and it's interesting that BioWare is making moves to respond. Whether they will answer more political complaints -- such as those lodged against the game's gay representation -- or ones that call into question their animation skills remains to be seen. Since BioWare has been praised for their depictions of fluid character sexuality in the past, as well as their beautiful and imaginative games, it would likely be in the company's best interest to address both. Either way, they'd better start explaining quickly, lest their sales continue to drop.

We hope this game ends up with a happy ending, since fans of this otherwise beloved franchise really deserve it. It's just unclear whether fans will have to wait five more years and another game to get satisfaction.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is currently available for purchase on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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