BioShock Collection Is Coming To PS4 and Xbox One?

Players may have the chance to return to the haunting world of BioShock with new and improved graphics on the Xbox One and PS4, later this year.

BioShock Collection 2015 PlayStation 4 Xbox One

[This article contains BioShock and BioShock Infinite spoilers!]


Several first-person shooter video games have left unforgettable impressions. Wolfenstein 3D, GoldenEye 007, Deus Ex, and Halo: Combat Evolved are just a few of the many excellent and inventive FPS games which kept players busy for hours and hours. Another outstanding FPS experience is 2007's BioShock. Not only did the game deliver satisfying combat that involved weapons and special abilities, but it also completely immersed gamers in a breathtaking - and haunting - underwater city called Rapture as it told a story that will always make players remember one little request: "Would you kindly?"

Irrational Games and 2k Games' IP then gave rise to the followups BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite. Just like the debut game, the BioShock sequels received largely positive reviews, and Infinite released downloadable content that allowed players to return to Rapture yet again. Infinite's story also briefly brought players back to the stunning city, but the DLC expanded the player's ability to explore the attention-grabbing setting with updated visuals.  Now, it appears that fans of the franchise may get to visit the BioShock universe all over again, but this time with significantly improved graphics.

As reported by AllGamesBeta, an online retailer in South African, Raru, posted information about The BioShock Collection before taking it down. A screengrab of the listing shows the collection - which would presumably include remastered versions of all three games - will be available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 27th, 2015.

While Infinite and its DLC did throw players into an updated version of Rapture, graphics designed just for the PS4 and Xbox One have the potential to breathe new life into the franchise's countless, jaw-dropping locations. Even if the collection doesn't include the various DLC, the chance to experience BioShock's rich story all over again, with improved visuals, is something many fans probably won't be able to resist - assuming it's reasonably priced, of course.

As of right now now, though, the future of BioShock remains uncertain. Irrational Games worked on the Infinite DLC, Burial at Sea, and then closed. 2k Games claims it will continue to explore the franchise's potential and says 2k Marin will work on what comes next, but there've been no official announcements regarding a new BioShock game.

bioshock 10 video game movies stuck development hell

Maybe this collection will drop after a new BioShock project is announced; renewed interest in the narrative-driven title would boost the collection's sales. Or, the collection could possibly even be a way of gauging interest in the franchise. If a new BioShock game does eventually drop, it certainly has big shoes to fill. Duplicating BioShock's phenomenal atmosphere and fun gameplay is doable, but creating a gripping story - one that's worthy of this thought-provoking franchise - won't be an easy feat.

BioShock's games are known for having strong world-building, smart stories, and an interesting take on superhuman abilities. Because of its strengths, the franchise became an obvious choice for being adapted for the big screen. Universal wanted to make a BioShock movie, but several complications - like reducing the budget and disagreements with directors - unfortunately cancelled the project.

Perhaps if the franchise is pushed back into the spotlight (with a solid collection and an excellent new game), the world may be fortunate enough to one day witness a good BioShock film. Until then, we can keep playing the games - and hopefully remastered versions of them later this year.

The BioShock Collection will reportedly go on sale November 27th, 2015, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: AllGamesBeta (via VideoGamer)

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