Finally, Some New Biomutant Gameplay Footage!

Although it's been quiet since THQ Nordic first announced Biomutant in 2017, the company released a gameplay trailer for the title, which arrives in anticipation of the game's release in 2019. Biomutant is an action-adventure roleplaying game that will allow players to step into the role of a raccoon-like creature in a world full of mutated animals. The game features a high level of customization for the character, including everything from gender, body type, fur and fangs. As the game progresses, the player can continue to customize the character with additional mutations, as well as add robotic parts, such as wings, claws and legs.

The story of Biomutant revolves around saving the Tree of Life, which is dying after a natural disaster causes poisonous oil to rise from the earth to pollute it. Biomutant will feature branching storylines, with decisions made by the player that will affect the outcome of the story. The title also features a karma system for NPCs, as well as a companion system for recruiting party members.

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THQ Nordic just released a trailer that features gameplay footage. The video also shows off more of the game's open world environment, as well as a few other details about the game. For example, it shows that the player will have access to mounts, both on the ground and in the air, to travel across the game world. There are also shots of the game's beautifully detailed environments, as well as some of the more interesting creatures the player will come across during gameplay.

Biomutant wants to set itself apart, though, from other roleplaying games. One thing that developer Experiment 101 was adamant about is that Biomutant not feature any fetch quests in its gameplay. These are the kind of standard RPG missions that require a player to fetch an item and then bring it to a specific character in the game. Developer Experiment 101's Stefan Ljungqvist has gone on record saying he hates fetch quests and there aren't any available in Biomutant. Instead, the game will feature "secret discovers, or exploration," which means a player will find something in the world that will offer a mission that results in a reward if completed.

Given what players have seen so far, it seems Biomutant will live up to its hype. It could easily become one of the must play games of 2019 thanks to its unique story, characters and gameplay elements.

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Source: THQ Nordic

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