Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk Gets an International Trailer

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - Joe Alwyn and Vin Diesel

Serving as the latest feature-length motion picture release from Oscar-winning director Ang Lee (Life of Pi), this fall will see the release of the awards season contender Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - based on the original novel written and published by Ben Fountain in 2012. Centering around the events of one day in the life of Iraq War veteran Billy Lynn (Joe Alwyn) as he tours across a United States that he no longer feels at home in, Lee's latest drama is sure to move viewers to potential tears when it sees theatrical release later next month.

Co-starring such A-list talents as Kristen Stewart (American Ultra), Vin Diesel (Fast & Furious), and Chris Tucker (Silver Linings Playbook), Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk may yet prove to be among the more interesting takes on post-traumatic stress disorder as it occurs in American soldiers returning from deployment overseas in recent memory. Implementing cutting-edge 3D technology and a high frame rate of 120 frames per second, Lee may yet wow audiences with a cinematic spectacle even more dazzling than what he has managed to deliver before as seen in the latest international trailer.

In the footage featured above, distributor TriStar Pictures promises audiences a stirring modern day war drama set in America that is sure to ring true with more than a few Iraq War veterans when Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk finally makes its way to theaters. Backed by a moving rendition of the classic David Bowie song "Heroes", the latest international trailer for the new Ang Lee film provides quite the enticement for potential viewers to see the movie in full.

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - Joe Alwyn and Vin Diesel

Lee has proven to be no slouch when it comes to producing worthwhile and revolutionary dramas in the past, and Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk should be another example of his exceptional prowess behind the camera as a premiere cinematic storyteller. Furthermore, newcomer Joe Alwyn looks to be all set to make his big screen debut in a performance that could launch him into the limelight of more widespread acclaim and attention.

It remains to be seen what general audiences will ultimately make of Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk, as its source material is fairly intense and demanding of the viewer's compassion and capacity for empathetic understanding. On that note, here's to hoping for the very best from the cast and crew of just one of the many late 2016 releases vying for attention both in theaters and during the ongoing awards season race.

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Key Release Dates
  • Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016) release date: Nov 11, 2016
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