What To Expect From Billions Season 5

Billions season 5 will pick up following big character revelations and even more backstabbing. Here's what we know about the Showtime return.

Billions Season 5

Billions season 5 will continue the drama of Axe Capital later in 2019. Showtime's banner series, created by Brian Koppelman, David Levien, and Andrew Ross Sorkin, explores the moral ethics of big business in New York City. Billions season 4 premiered on March 17, 2019 and concluded its 12-episode run on June 9, 2019.

In Billions season 4, Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) squared off against his protege Taylor Mason (Asia Kate Dillon). The two moguls consistently attempt to one-up each other, both for pride and for financial gain. Meanwhile, Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) struggles with his marriage yet manages to effectively strategize against his political opponents. The Attorney General’s wife, Wendy Rhodes (Maggie Siff), keeps a close eye on everybody as her medical license is under review. In addition, U.S. Attorney Bryan Connerty (Toby Leonard Moore) schemes behind the scenes and hopes to find damning information about both Chuck and his father (Jeffrey DeMunn), with the assistance of U.S. Attorney General Jock Jeffcoat (Clancy Brown).

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Billions season 4 ends with Bobby recruiting Taylor back to Axe Capital, but it’s part of a larger takedown plot orchestrated by Chuck. And Wendy learns that she’s able to continue working, thanks to a $25 million "donation" by her long-time friend Bobby. All the pieces are in place for a new season full of lies and manipulation. Here’s what to expect from Billions season 5. 

Billions Season 5 Renewal

Billions Season 4

On May 8, Showtime renewed Billions for season 5. Given the strong numbers for Billions season 4, the renewal makes sense for Showtime; the series anchors the network’s drama lineup that consists of Shameless, Homeland, Ray Donovan, The Affair, and The Chi.

Billions Season 5 Release Date Info

Billions Season 4

Both Billions season 3 and Billions season 4 premiered in the second half of March. Showtime will most likely follow the same production schedule, so Billions season 5 will likely premiere on either March 22, 2020 or March 29, 2020, assuming the show remains part of the Sunday lineup.

Billions Season 5 Story Details

Billions Season 4

The Billions season 4 finale revealed that Chuck set up U.S. Attorney Connerty. With that subplot temporarily resolved, he can now focus on acquiring more power and overseeing Taylor’s day-to-day activities at Axe Capital. Most likely, Bobby will take precautions to ensure that Taylor won’t double cross him, and Wendy will undoubtedly lend her support in some form.

Billions season 5 will thus likely focus on a game of cat-and-mouse between Chuck and Wendy, and also between Bobby and Taylor. That leaves the door open for a wildcard character; someone who will shake things up. Perhaps Grigor Andolov (John Malkovich) will somehow re-enter the narrative and impose his authority as a Russian billionaire, or maybe Rebecca Cantu (Nina Arianda) will have a larger role after being humiliated by Bobby, who romanced her in Billions season 4 before deciding to conduct a covert business operation at her expense.

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