Billie Lourd Returning For American Horror Story Season 8

After making her series debut during last year's American Horror Story: Cult, Billie Lourd is returning for season 8 of the FX horror anthology.

After making her series debut during last year's American Horror Story: Cult, Billie Lourd is returning for season 8 of the FX horror anthology. Debuting in 2011, FX's American Horror Story was in many ways the catalyst for the current explosion of the "different story and characters every season" type of anthology program that can now be found all over TV, in shows such as Fargo, True Detective, Law & Order: True Crime, and fellow Ryan Murphy production American Crime Story.

Throughout its run, American Horror Story has made use of a large stock of recurring actors, some of which have been regulars since the original Murder House season. Jessica Lange was of course AHS' original star, playing prominent roles in seasons 1-4, before choosing to exit. Since Lange's departure, the title of AHS MVP seems to have fallen ever more increasingly to Sarah Paulson, who also seems to have become Murphy's overall creative muse. Other recurring players that have become fan favorites include Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, and Lily Rabe. Each season tends to introduce a few faces to the family though.

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One such new face introduced in 2017's American Horror Story: Cult season was Billie Lourd, daughter of legendary Star Wars leading lady Carrie Fisher. Lourd played Winter, sister and co-conspirator of Evan Peters' aspiring cult leader and politician Kai Anderson. As is usual for AHS, Lourd also played a secondary role as Manson Family member Linda Kasabian in dramatized flashbacks to the crimes of Charles Manson, also played by Peters. Now, Deadline reports that Lourd will be back to take part in AHS season 8, although her role has yet to be revealed.

While the 25-year-old Lourd has only been acting in Hollywood for a short time, she made an immediate impression in her first role, acting alongside her mom as Lieutenant Connix in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She would reprise the character in last year's The Last Jedi, which gave her a more important role in the plot. Lourd was also a regular on FOX's short-lived Scream Queens (another Ryan Murphy project). She'll next appear in the 80s-set drama Billionaire Boys Club, along with fellow AHS veteran Emma Roberts.

The secrecy around Billie Lourd's actual role in American Horror Story season 8 is unsurprising, as ever since season 6, co-creator and showrunner Murphy just loves to keep fans guessing and in the dark about upcoming seasons as long as possible. There have been rumors that season 8 is set a few decades into the future, will be subtitled Radioactive, and concern the fallout of a nuclear apocalypse. At this point though, none of that is confirmed, and fans are advised to keep watching out for further developments.

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American Horror Story season 8 airs sometime this fall on FX.

Source: Deadline

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