Bill & Ted 3 Photo: The Wyld Stallyns Are Back in Action

The Wyld Stallyns are officially back, and Alex Winter is marking the start of filming on Bill & Ted Face The Music with a new T-shirt. One of Keanu Reeves' earliest roles, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure combined time-traveling shenanigans with the teenage culture of the day to great effect, as the tale of of two far-out high school dudes whose rock band would lead the world to salvation became an instant adventure comedy classic. A sequel, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, soon followed, as did an animated series and an assorted of other wider media and merchandise.

However, a Bill & Ted 3 was not forthcoming. Despite numerous calls from fans for Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to round Bill & Ted's story into a trilogy, it wasn't until 2010 that firm news of a threequel began to emerge. Unfortunately, there was still almost a decade of work to go, and the creative duo of Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon have been continuously writing and re-writing the script for a third Bill & Ted movie in an attempt to do the film justice. Finally, in May 2018, Bill & Ted Face The Music became official and after a couple of further delays for good measure, finally began production last month, much to the relief of fans.

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To mark the start of filming on Bill & Ted Face The Music, Alex Winter has posted a photo to his Twitter account, showing the actor wearing a blue Wyld Stallyns T-shirt, along with the caption, "Day one. See you on the other side and remember to be excellent."

Perhaps the biggest takeaway for Bill & Ted fans isn't just the Wyld Stallyns shirt on display, but the fact that a third film is finally underway after such an extensive period of pre-production. For almost three decades, Bill & Ted 3 seemed stuck in development hell, despite the plethora of other, sometimes lesser-known, 1980s and 1990s franchises getting the reboot or sequel treatment.

Judging by the response online, there's a killing to be made if these shirts end of up as part of the official Bill & Ted Face The Music line of merchandise and, considering fans can buy a working replica phone booth based on the franchise's time machine, that possibility certainly seems likely. Moreover, the status of the Wyld Stallyns will feature prominently in Bill & Ted Face The Music. While the new movie finds the titular duo enduring the monotony of middle-age, with children of their own, they are tasked with composing a new song to save the universe, leading to a "get the band back together" style story that isn't a million miles away from the film's real-life production.

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  • Bill and Ted 3/Bill & Ted Face the Music (2020) release date: Aug 21, 2020
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