'Bill & Ted 3' Script Done, Said to be Excellent

Bill & Ted 3 Script Excellent

Sorry about that title...couldn't resist.

In April 2011 we got two big pieces of Bill & Ted 3 news from the respective stars who play the titular characters: First Keanu Reeves (Ted) said a script was in the works; a few weeks later, Alex Winter (Bill) said that the first draft was done, and that it was good.  Since then, we've heard very little on the project...until now.

Read on for what both Bill (Winter) & Ted (Reeves) are saying now about how Bill & Ted 3 is shaping up.

The following quote from Keanu Reeves was pulled from The Independent:

"Yeah, we have a script. We're trying to put it together. It's a good script too."

Don't you mean an excellent script, Keanu? (Bad joke, sorry.)

Alex Winter followed that up by once again taking to his Twitter account to drop some B&T3 news:

Script done? Check. -We love it? Check. -Green light? Working on it!

With both of the headlining stars set to return, it's hard to imagine that the threequel will have a hard time getting a greenlight. If the Web chatter is anything to judge by (which it is about 50% of the time), there is definite demographic of 25 - 40 types who loved the first film (people tend to be split on the sequel) and would love to see older versions of Bill and Ted on the big screen again. And, if the script by Chris Matheson & Ed Solomon (who wrote both of the previous films) is truly worthy enough for both Reeves and Winter to praise it, this could potentially turn out to be one of those long-delayed sequels that was actually worth the wait.

We'll keep you updated on the status of Bill & Ted 3 as news develops.

Source: The Independent & Twitter (via Coming Soon)

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