'Bill & Ted 3' Script Has Been Completed

Bill and Ted 3 script completed

There have been rumors suggesting that Bill & Ted 3 was in some form of development ever since I was in elementary school. Despite the fact that the idea seemed to get kicked around every few years, I eventually forced myself to make peace with the fact that this was one entry on Hollywood's wish list of belated sequels that was probably never going to materialize.

Last year, Keanu Reeves admitted that he was still very interested in making Bill & Ted 3 - but nothing was remotely official and I couldn't help but wonder whether or not this property would even still look commercially viable to a studio after twenty years. So imagine my surprise earlier this month when Reeves revealed that a new script from Chris Matheson & Ed Solomon (who penned the previous two films) was only six weeks away from being finished.

Reeves remained vague regarding Bill & Ted 3's plot, but hinted that it would involve the duo's struggle to write a song that helps save the world. Evidently, Matheson & Solomon are ahead of schedule - Alex Winter announced via Twitter that the script has already been completed and that he's currently in possession of it:

@antmaurizio: Bill and Ted 3, less than 6 weeks away and counting? Movie is gonna kick some ass." > Just got the script. And now to read...

It should be noted that the "less than 6 weeks away and counting" statement is not part of Winter's update and does not indicate that the film is moving into production - he was only quoting another user's original question before replying to it.  Still, this is further proof that the wheels are in motion and that Bill & Ted 3 could finally be moving forward.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bill and Ted 3, Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, George Carlin

I remember being told by my parents that I wasn't allowed to see Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - which of course made me immediately hunt down a copy. My friends and I quoted the film endlessly and even built our own time machine out of a refrigerator box. I have fond memories of playing the Bill & Ted NES games, watching the cartoon, and even attempting to give that horrible (and mercifully short-lived) live-action TV show a chance. I'm pretty sure I also begged my mom to buy me a box of Bill & Ted breakfast cereal on several occasions.

And yet - I have some seriously mixed feelings about Bill & Ted 3. This wouldn't be the first time Hollywood has attempted to capitalize on my generation's nostalgia by resurrecting long-dormant brands, but how many times do I have to get burned before I realize that belated follow-ups often wind up being massively disappointing?

I admit that the idea of seeing the two main characters as middle-aged men is amusing - and the fact that Matheson & Solomon are involved is certainly encouraging (well... until you take a look at their recent IMDb credits). I'm just hoping that there's enough to sustain Bill & Ted 3 once audiences get past the thrill of seeing them back on the big screen.

Source: Twitter.

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