Bill & Ted 3 Reportedly Begins Filming in January 2019

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey

Long-teased sequel Bill & Ted Face The Music is reportedly set to begin filming in January of 2019, with both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter returning. The prospect of a third Bill & Ted movie has been out there for almost a decade at this point, with Reeves indicating that a script was in development way back in 2010. He's made similar sentiments about a threequel possibly happening many times in the years since, but it wasn't until May 2018 that the film finally became official.

Reeves has never been shy about proclaiming his affection for the Bill & Ted franchise, despite going on to become an A-list star in the decades since he last journeyed through time with George Carlin's Rufus. That's a refreshing attitude to be certain, as many big Hollywood names grow to become embarrassed of the often sillier projects they took on earlier in their careers. While it's safe to say that Reeves returning is an essential component of Bill & Ted 3, it also can't be understated just how important Winter is to the equation, despite not exactly seeing his own career skyrocket after the first two films.

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After seeing Keanu Reeves star in such action franchises as The Matrix and John Wick, it should be quite the treat to see his Ted "Theodore" Logan once again pick up a guitar and rock out as part of the Wyld Stallyns, with Winter's Bill S. Preston, Esq. by his side. As reported by Omega Underground, filming on Bill & Ted Face The Music will kick off on January 10, 2019. It's not clear yet where exactly the sequel will shoot, or whether locations from the original movies will be used. Also unclear is whether San Dimas High School football still rules, but one assumes it does.

As the solemn title implies, Bill and Ted aren't exactly in a great place when the new sequel begins. They're middle-aged family men that have yet to experience the rock star fame and fortune that they were promised awaited them, much less write songs great enough to inspire a future utopia. This lack of success leads to a tear in time, leading the duo to once again embark on an adventure through the ages in order to set things right.

The script for Bill & Ted Face The Music also incorporates Death (William Sadler), a fan favorite addition to the franchise from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, according to co-writer Ed Solomon. That said, Sadler's involvement in the project has yet to be confirmed. One wonders if his possible presence will be the only overt reference to Bogus Journey, which - while it certainly has its loyal fans - has never quite attained the pop culture popularity of its more lighthearted predecessor.

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Source: Omega Underground

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